How far would you go on a first date ?


Two hours between me and mr CG....met kinda halfway (but actually a bit further for him and less for me) :)

I'm glad I did as, due to technology, it almost didn't happen


bledy sat. nav. :rolleyes:
:ROFLMAO: it wasn't that! I actually knew where I was going......for a change :)

I wouldn't worry about distance - it can be a convenient excuse/get out but if you want to make it work you will and you will never know that until you meet them!

I have recently made a new friend who lived in Spain when she met her now fiance online. He flew out to meet her! They now have one little one and another on the way :)


I travelled about 20 miles to meet with the wife. Distance puts extra pressure on the relationship, I suppose you could argue that it stress tests it from the beginning and so it would knock a poor relationship out early. It was far enough for me.

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I've drove 4.5hrs for a date before...
But the reality of it hit home pretty quick how unworkable it would be in my situation :(

Know a man who said he won't date a woman any farther away than his roadend - lucky for him his roadend is at Kilmarnock so plenty of options :ROFLMAO::rolleyes:

If you can regularly get away - got workers who cover weekends or whatever, then distance is much more workable. I'd never ask or expect someone to drive 1, 2, 3 hours every weekend to come to me for 5months of the year where I can't leave the place for much more than an evening (or night with a daft early drive home)...


Well I'm venturing into Lincolnshire on Saturday , around the 80 miles distance but fairly good roads , she has a lovely smile so only time will tell if it's love at first sight
Hold on is this your 3rd or 4th date ...todate?:p
You dawg you fine:ROFLMAO: and looking good
You have not only got back on the horse you are running away with it(y)
I m sure you could teach a few of the fellows here a lesson or two on how to date.
Stay cool you got this. Are we going to have a full report afterwards? Purely for research purposes:cautious: obviously:p


You know it doesn t matter if she is the one or not, this is all practice and knowing or finding out what you want or not and if you go in with no expectations , you can be either pleasantly surprise if it goes well, but not come out disappointed if it doesn' t ( a very smart person thaught me that) On the plus side it could become a good friendship and you know she might have single friends or a sister;)

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