How far would you go on a first date ?

Discussion in 'TFF Matchmaker' started by Mr Charisma, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. dstudent

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    And why would I even know that!!!!
    For the thousand time @FonterraFarmer I am not CANADIAN or I ever been in Canada.:cautious::cautious: Jeez

  2. @Canada Farmer :rolleyes:

    Is JT Canada's largest snowflake?:unsure:

    Do you know how big the Pacific Ocean is?:rolleyes::whistle::LOL:
  3. davieh3350

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    Do you multiply your age x2 and take off 7 for an older woman... If so the nearly 50 year old hottie i was chatting and dancing with at the auld new year party last night was well within the limit. 71 is a bit too old:unsure:
  4. davieh3350

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    how would you know what the date was like before you went?
  5. Ask questions
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  6. What questions would you ask?
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  7. Do come here often

  8. I think the first question is:

    How far would you go on a first date?
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  9. dstudent

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    Is that another trick question??:cautious:
  10. Yes:D And what was tonight's beverage of choice? :LOL:
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  11. dstudent

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    :cautious:, i don t know what you drank, but I am currently drinking a latte
    do I win something:grumpy:
  12. Coffee or fruit juice and probably a bottle of cold apple cider later this afternoon :D
    Feck it's hot this afternoon :banghead:
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  13. dstudent

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  14. Mr Charisma

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    stratford on Avon
    For those of you who haven't been following my moving on thread I will just let you all know that my hrs coffee date yesterday morning ended up being a 11 hr natter .
    So I'm hoping that this is me signing off from the matchmaker section and I hope you all find what you are looking for in your lives , everybody deserves some happiness !!!!!!
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  15. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Fantastic. Great to hear and all the best for the future
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  16. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    Surely the answer to the op is 500miles?....and then possibly 500more?
  17. Red Fred

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    I was thinking of this one :)
  18. country_gal

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    Excellent news. But please stay here and let us know how you get on. I'm loved up but still float about here for the craic......
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  19. What are you hobbies
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  20. Red Fred

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    Do you have a horse?
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