how long before we're all organic?

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  1. New head of Natural England and the man who will provide most subsidy and direction to farmers post BPS and post-Brexit is a Friends-of-the-Earth and WWF fanatic.
    He and the Urbanites will only pay for picture-postcard farming with soundbites such as 'organic'.
    surely cant be long before subsidy only directed to non-chemical farms?
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  2. Hereward

    Hereward Member

    Think of how much less stressful it would be on windy spring days!
  3. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    At least a third of the farm would have to be fertility building ( in other words, doing fudge all for the bank account ). Subs would have to be more than they are now.......
  4. Henery

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    South shropshire
    If the subs are enough .... bring it on !
  5. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Tony Juniper will have you in a (gin) trap ...

    Did you see what I did there? :p

    TBH if you farm on good land you should be able to farm without subsidy. Marginal and hill land need support and will get that from delivering “Public Goods” ie whatever the politicians decree is the way to distribute the dosh
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  6. No such thing as organic, IMO. The land needs fed to be able to produce... depends how much the 'public' really want to pay for their ideology
  7. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    You mean how long before some populist 'band waggon' riding fudgewitts politicians throw us all under the environmental bus, while making 'trade deals' allowing the cheapest non-organic chlorinated sh!t food from countries with lowest welfare and production standards ?

    - I would think about 10.
  8. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    - 9,

    - 8 ....
  9. Fromebridge

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    You can't do organic without livestock! Think of the vegans!

    (I know some have tried all arable organic but it still meant importing lots of muck)
  10. oldoaktree

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    County Durham
    Organic might ok for the London champagne Socialists with plenty of money. But the working middle class with a family to feed might think differently. We have food banks as people can’t afford food and there’s talk of more organic.
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  11. Tarw Coch

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    But there would be no organic premium as the market would be full of it, organic prices would have to compete with whatever the cheapest food that could be imported could be bought for and as mentioned earlier, imported food wouldn’t be expected to come up to same standards.
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  12. 2wheels

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    when the public are starving it will be interesting to see who are hanging from the lamposts.
  13. I'm sorry for beet growers.

    But I half hope the beet crop, almost fails this year. To illustrate just how serious all these pesticide withdrawls are.

    The worst thing that could happen is that beet yeilds are just down 10%. Then when withdrawls are accepted that yeilds are down 30 to 50% for the next 10-20, till we see sense, years.
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  14. Agrivator

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    But we've known for years that organic farming has a higher carbon footprint than sound conventional farming.

    If we could grow roundup-ready crops, we could maximise production on part of the farm, and grow weeds for creepy crawlies on the other part.
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  15. bobk

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    Natural England can swivel , I'm going out all production .

    Subs are payments for poor farming .
  16. Poorbuthappy

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    Fertility building needn't be unproductive - grazing cover crops could earn you tack rates if nothing else.
  17. multi power

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    Roundup Ready crops are fantastic

    If you happen to be a Monsanto shareholder, just another way to have you by the rubbish if you are just a farmer
  18. Pan mixer

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    Near Colchester
    Is there a market for thistles? That is all I can grow really well on my organic bit - well there are about 7 acres of brambles, I suppose, too.
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  19. delilah

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    As a long standing member of Friends of the Earth I have no problem with Tony Juniper. The agricultural industry - through the NFU - should be using his past to your advantage, by lobbying him hard on the environmental benefits of reduced food miles, ie UK produce.
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  20. bobk

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    Yes , but NE don't pay out .... ask anyone in mid tier
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