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how much will a 5 litre petrol can hold?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by startinghandle, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. yesterday I went to help an elderly gentleman by cutting nettles behind his house, he bought a new Tanaka strimmer from Charlies the day before, he also bought a new 5 litre petrol can so I put a 50-1 bottle of oil in the can and went to get 5 litres of petrol, I was watching the numbers on pump to make sure I got exactly 5 litres for correct mix and I did not notice the can overfilled on the forecourt, do new cans hold exactly 5 litres and not a drop more or could the pump be inaccurate?? by the way I have a 5 litre can I bought some years ago and there is no problem putting 5 litres of 25-1 mix in it
  2. balerman

    balerman Member

    N Devon
    Not bought a new one, but the older plastic ones hold way more than 5l.
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  3. Sheep

    Sheep Member

    Northern Ireland
    Yep, older plastic ones here hold closer to 6 when brimmed.
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  4. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    5ltr steel Jerry can only holds 4.7 with the 100ml of 2 stroke already in
  5. Fruitbat

    Fruitbat Member

    US Gallon?
  6. Refco

    Refco Member

    County Durham
    I generally fill petrol cans to just 4 litres when looking to mix with two stroke oil.
    That way you know you're not going to overflow and and having ullage space is also good for shaking / mixing.
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  7. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    It's like the old adage, "how much heavier are you after eating a quarter pounder burger"?
    Quarter pound heavier ,? No.
    Same with anything saying or stating anything these days take with a "pinch of salt" maybe!
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