How to become a member of the Society of Ploughmen?

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  1. please don't shoot the messenger here

    but tonight i had a call from a SOP member, that member is not a registered member on here, and also does not follow this forum, but the posting of his name on here was brought to his attention by a none forum member that does follow this forum.

    the man that called me was none other than Mr Tom Charlton, the man that was quoted in the above post,
    Mr Tom Charlton has said, and wants it to be known that he has not indicated or said anything to the words of how bad the SOP has been at anytime, and as far as he has seen, and been at every AGM at the SOP since 1984,
    and has seen the SOP to have been run in a good and professional manner, and all of the above is lies and rubbish,

    as said dont shoot the messenger, and perhaps you should direct your reply to Tom Charlton, and not to me,
    I was only asked to post this to put the matter right for Mr Charlton on a public forum, as his name was brought up on here
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    No need for me to shoot the messenger John as the messenger is well able to shoot himself, but bear in mind in your ever changing world of changing sides, batting for both sides and gathering brownie points, then we all need to be mindful of what we have said in the past, private messages and e mails we have sent, all which will indeed come back to haunt us, is that not right John, and that's before we mention your very close affiliation to Jim Elliot, no doubt some of his thoughts you have penned on here. Sorry to say this John but there are times when you in trying to be the statesman occupying the moral high ground, seem very much to have been used as a spokesman.

    One or two significant others, busily ticking like boxes on here would do very well to remember that also.

    Said to me in the plainest of simple English whilst I was Judging at Selby ploughing match in early 2016 - not hearsay or rumour - said in reply to my statement 'I did not think you two blokes would be talking to me'
    'David - why are you trying to change things? It's been like that for 40 years'

    Interpret that as you wish, but plain English does not come much plainer. Nor will anything said on here ever have any bearing on what is by now well and truly petrified at Doncaster, howsoever it was achieved, by means fair or foul.
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  3. I don't bat for both sides, and was never at any time looking for as you put it brownie points from either side,
    however i will say that I have spoken to both sides in the past, and may continue to do so, as there is always to sides to a story, from this I find that in doing so, I have a far better judgement of who is right and who is wrong, and I will say rather than be white washed by one side and take it for gospel, David is there any harm in wanting to find out the truth, or is it a case of we should just all listen to what your saying, and take it as gospel, as you have a way with words and manage to twist the truth to how you want to see fit,

    With regards to your comment about Jim Elliott, for everyone's benefit on here, Jim and myself went to school together, so that's how long i have known him, But that does not help in anyway when we don't agree on some subjects to do with the likes of the SOP. we do talk from time to time, but in no way am I a spokes person for him, on here or anywhere else,

    as for standing on the high moral ground as you put it, Don`t think there is room for 2 up there, and you always keep putting yourself at the top. and wanting the last word every time, so no chance of being any room for me, and don't want to be up there anyway,

    Regarding the comment of being used as a spokesman, yes I did post the reply for Tom Charlton, but no I did not contact him, and no I did not offer to post for him, However Tom did find my number somewhere, and did call me out of the blue, and yes after he asked me to post that he did not say that, I did agree to it, as for being used, NO I don't think so at all,
    as for being used as a spokesman you need to look very close to home, as you seem to be the spokesman for the 5, looking back you posted a lot of info very fresh leading up to the 2016 AGM, info that could of only of come from the 5 within hours of things happening, yet there is some of the 5 registered as members on this forum on here, but none of them posted at that time, so when you talk about being used, its not me,

    yes you are entitled your opinion as I am with mine, and if everyone agreed, then there would be no discussion to be had,
    However can you stick to all the facts, and not just wanting to paint a dim picture by being economical with the truth

    just because someone likes 1 post, does not mean they agree with everything that person says, and why would they need to remember it?, will you be marking there card sometime in the future, because they don't agree with you,

    I take it he would not of asked "why are you trying to change things" if he wanted change and was unhappy, is this yet another case of you getting hold of the wrong end of the stick,

    as for Doncaster being petrified, as you put it, I don't think they will be that bothered about a handful of people posting on here.

    and thinking about it, its like an infant school yard, a handful cannot get there own way, so they go off in to 1 corner of the school yard, shout and call all the other kids names, spit the dummy out, and them be disruptive in class, and try to cause havoc where ever possible,
    also its like divorce, when you part company, if you don't care or bothered at all about what your ex is up to or doing, you then simply don't care what they do, and never go out of your way to find out anything about them, nor the fact are you interested in any of your friends telling you about your ex,
    but if you have any feelings for your ex, then you go out to make life hard for them, and keep rocking to boat for as long as you can, and even from a distance they try to lift the anchor and cause stormy waters,
    and it sounds like its a very bitter divorce, as you will neither just walk away, or go back.
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    I cannot comment on what Howard said and the case he has presented but I have experienced similar problems. Your last paragraph is a good description of the way I feel about the SOP. I was a very enthusiastic and staunch supporter in my early ploughing career but, as I have posted many times on here, my wholehearted enthusiasm was betrayed beyond belief. Since then nothing has dispelled that feeling of bitterness and many things have happened to reinforce it . Until the vote (?) to remove the 5 I had hopes that things might change but I can categorically state that I will never again be a member of the SOP. This one event led me on a trail of learning and research which left me even more disillusioned. This does not prevent me from airing my experiences so that others may see a different viewpoint from yours or other supporters of the organisation. How they react is their affair.
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    No more nor any less than I would expect from you John.

    After all you are no stranger to economy with the truth, design registered or design right?

    You are without a shadow of doubt guilty of what you accuse me of in that you always consider your opinion to be gospel, whichever way it is presented or however we are surprised to find it comes at us.

    Just one other small point in that petrified is turned to or set in stone and even you must agree that that is the state of play at dare I say it - Doncaster.

    Please John - spare us any more from the gospel according to Relate.
  6. We both have our opinions, yet the only thing we can agree on the fact we disagree on this one
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    It must be good to be famous! I have just spent 5 successful days at the great Yorkshire show, with 5 cows! With lots to talk about when we get home! The 1st to be said by one of my daughter inlaw to another daughter in law was, you will never guess who I was talking to at the show?!? He seemed to be a very nice man! No other than Haward 150! Say no More!! Maurice!
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    nr clitheroe lancs
    wonder if they had said" that they like the sop "they would have come away with the same opinion :whistle::sneaky:
  9. Howard150

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    ...and some fell on stony ground...
    Come on get real Ben. Not a lot of point giving out to the non ploughing public is there. Anyroad what wi' em both bein related to Maurice, then any one with an IQ ower 30 would be able to guess as to which side o't fence they're on!
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