how to know the real hours in a john deere series 10

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    Hello, I would like to know how to know the real hours on a JD tractor of the series 10 that I want to buy used. I have heard that you have to put a fuse in a point of the fuse box and then with the remote to vary the options of the main screen under the steering wheel is giving an information. Can someone help?
    Thank you
    (I write from Spain with the Google translator)
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    Hola & Welcome there Spanish, as above............
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    Now Then .
    Put the fuse in the diagnostic fuse location (front lower row in the fuse box). The instrument panel will show 'DIA'. Use the indicator stalk to navigate to 'BCU' then flash headlights to enter. Using the indicator stalk, navigate to address 043 (first 3 digits), 044 (second 3 digits) & 045 (last 3 digits) The hours should match those on the instrument unit. BCU 040,041 & 042 similarly show the number of engine starts.. I assume this isn't an SE model??
    This is all from memory as I don't have the computer to hand at the moment.
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    Nr Lincoln
    Will this work on a 7710 ?
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    Now Then.. After some research,,,, yes it does. But look for the CCU,,, It's in there, eh..
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    Now thats a reply.
    (No relevance to my 1980 JD):D
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    Thanks for your reply

    Tractortech, I would like to detail more about the procedure. I have tried it as you indicated and I have not been able to see the result. I put pictures of the fuse scheme for. If possible, tell me more specifically what I should do and where to put the fuse. I reiterate my gratitude. It's nice to meet people with knowledge.

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    It's fuse 115. It should empty except when calibrating..
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    Always turn key off before removing fuse from diagnostic port.
    Use the indicator stalk to scroll to the address you want. Stop at 043 then use the flash to pass switch on the same stalk to read the value, and again to back out of that address then scroll to 044 and reapeat.
    Addresses between 091 and 095 contains the tractor model number and serial number. If they dont match beware
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    Correct Tractortech and Deerefarmer, I have been testing on my tractor and it has been very easy for me to read the real hours. Thank you for the information.

    If you were closer you were invited to a good plate of Iberian ham accompanied by a good wine, this is how the good news is celebrated in Spain

    Many thanks
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