How would you react to this confrontation.

dave mountain

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the guy with a claw hammer

Dry Rot

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Yep it stops the kids seeing some of the more dodgy stuff on YouTube, Videos with a lot of swearing get marked as restricted too.
Only takes a minute to make your own account so you can see everything.
Seems like a good idea to me.
It is, so long as your connection isn't so slow that nothing uploads. It's a bit like the rules and regulations they create that are so badly written that the numb skulls that are meant to apply them can't understand them!

Dry Rot

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I wouldn't know, Google says I am too young to watch the video and who am I to suggest that such a huge prestigious organisation is wrong when it puts such things in print?:joyful:


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Just a test probably won't work either.

I assume this is the video that's being discussed.

The screenshots are before and after the tractor door glass is broken, if you zoom in you can just see the glass as it falls.
It was when the guy was going to throw the hammer in the cab was really scary.


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dave mountain

Livestock Farmer
It's not that simple and it usually isn't really about land really.
When someone takes the pee on a land issue it becomes a respect issue and that is why these situations boil over into chaos.
That maybe so. Still not any kind of reason to land yourself in court or prison for throwing a claw hammer at someone. They need to just accept the law and stop being idiots.
If your mortgage is in default and the bank sells the land then you have no right to be upset with whoever buys it, neighbor or not.
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Google is blocking me until I verify my age with a credit card or driving licence. It says I am too 82! Copies won't upload because the connection is so slow. Or are they scammers? Anyone else fed up with all this damned security?
click the bottom link, not the higher one, I did the same first time

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