Huntaway x Collie pups

Discussion in 'Livestock For Sale & Wanted' started by MJT, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. MJT

    MJT Member

    Pups for sale, from working parents, good field dogs aswell as pushy in pens. Ready to go now . £150

    9E59FC74-BF31-40A9-AD8E-DBE703213E24.jpeg A56371BB-6E5A-4844-8DAC-65C5FFD9737F.jpeg 125416B4-9C8C-4B22-A26D-5216C082F385.jpeg
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  2. Wilddog

    Wilddog Member

    Have you any bitches left? If so are they any of the black ones?
  3. MJT

    MJT Member

    Only dogs sorry
  4. Stewartry hill

    Where are you and what still available
  5. lizzieS

    lizzieS Member

    Where are you based? Do you have any left?

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