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i have been advised do not buy agriline parts

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by startinghandle, May 14, 2018.

  1. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    Gaskets and loose parts from them have all been fine, in my experience.

    You can’t but pattern tinwork from ANYONE and expect it to fit first time, though - everyone knows that! A grinder, drill, dollies and a planishing hammer are essential.
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  2. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    Are you sure you’re no over tightening it? A production rocker cover gasket is a pretty simple part.
  3. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    Is this the same ‘guy’ that says anyone that goes to college is an idiot?
  4. it was not me that said it ... I only repeated what an elderly farmer told me and that was also at Welshpool Smithfield which is good place for finding out what is going on as well as selling animals... I want to say that very soon I will be overhauling the engine in my old Dexta and I will not be using Agriline parts
  5. J 1177

    J 1177 Member

    Durham, UK
    The agriline stuff is ok for bits and bobs but I'm pleased that when we rebuilt or 1210s engine we used bepco parts. 5000hrs later she is still going strong.
  6. Ray996

    Ray996 Member

    Not overtightening either,even tried different cover and still itleaks!tried replacement gasket and it fekn leaks!
  7. tomlad

    tomlad Member

    nr. preston
    Ive had stuff of them thats fine BUT ingnition barrel and starter solonoid for s dexta were .are shite quality both are giving bother

    Odd qtp stuff ive had seem fine
  8. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    I'd still suggest operator error, rather than part error.

    Take a snap of it and put it up here - it's bound to be something simple :)
  9. Young Apprentice

    Try these for gaskets,


    You may need to send the original but they have done the job every time on a range of different gaskets for us!

  10. Ley253

    Ley253 Member

    Usual problems include, Screws over tightened, pushing screw holes through gasket, or said holes not being dressed back flat before fitting. load spreading washers missing.
    Gasket should be attached to the rocker cover, with a good contact adhesive, to make sure it stays in place. crankcase compression, and/or blocked breathers.
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  11. Ray996

    Ray996 Member

    Think it narrowed down to crankcase compression,old beast is breathing bit heavy ,could be the problem ,breathed pipe not blocked ,

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