I remember the time when...

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  1. Trawling through the various threads, I always love to read the various amusing stories and anecdotes.

    Please share any of old stories that make you smile and reminisce.
  2. robs1

    robs1 Member

    I remember the time when a government did just that.
  3. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    When dad used to go around farms removing tree roots . He lifted one out and a piece went through a butcher's shop window half a mile away . The butcher walks out into the street looks up and says "Doug Hughes has over done it with the black powder again" I was over in Betley this week . Wonderfull times we had there . Worst thing about life is you cant wind the clock back . You will never see times like that again
  4. uztrac

    uztrac Member

    Over 60 years ago our local agricultural contractor kept his explosives in a wooden shed about 25 yards from the village road.Was never a problem in those days,today you cannot even have a 12bore cartridge in public view !!!!!
  5. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    You could buy Black Powder in the corner shop
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  6. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Old man had a blasting licence. Used to keep the gelignite in an old case on a chest of drawers where the lads used to have grub time. Stuff started to run out of the bottom of the case so he rung the bomb squad thinking it was the right thing to do.

    They turned up wearing blast suits etc etc and the bloke could hardly waddle to the case so the old man charges past, collects it up out of the case and stuffs it in the bag the suited bloke was holding. With a very vacant expression he slowly turns round and starts to waddle with bag to the van at which point the old man again snatches the bag out of his hand and strides over to the other fellas at the van and thrusts it in some poor blokes hand with a “there you go” and walks away.

    Quite comical to watch and I was very young at the time but it’s seared into my memory banks.
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  7. betweenthelines

    I remember when everyone thought a Vegetarian was an immigrant from Vegateria

    And a Vegan was a Susan Vega fan!
  8. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    Would that be about the same time we started getting immigrants from Lesbania?
  9. RushesToo

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    School evacuated when I was young - because dangerous "potassium" was found - it does burn well but it also makes fireworks. Next bottle found the chemistry teacher did the same as @milkloss dad - grabbed it and threw it in a river.
    People that work with dangerous stuff know how it will go off and then feel pain when exposed to people without their knowledge. The emergency services treat everything as emergency - often with little knowledge. It always surprises and disappoints.
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  10. br jones

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    Used to be able to walk up the street to keeilings the tobaconist and lift a 12 bore out of the rack to lookat ,the rack was out on the street
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  11. DeeGee

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    North East Wales
    No no no, no you couldn’t!

    It was actually Black Jacks that you could buy, along with Fruit Salads, Walnut Whips and Sherbet Dips. Well it was in North Wales anyway.

    What was freely practised and widely acceptable in Ceredigion in those days is an entirely different matter. Such things as dancing around a camp fire with a bone through the nose and triumphantly carrying someone’s head on a pole were then deemed as regular pass times and jovial community get togethers.

    (PS. Tongue in cheek FT: some of the nicest people I have ever met lived in Ceredigion and West Wales.)
  12. David.

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    J11 M40
    Doesn't seem long ago that I used to take my gun to school on the bus, leave it with headmaster until dinnertime, then take it up Brackley High St. to the gunsmith in the dinner hour.
    Obviously it was in a case..
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  13. One of my favourite memories was feeding the calves with my grandad before breakfast and then going out to the outfarms to check the cattle there. He was a man of few words but a fount of knowledge and above all a gentleman.
  14. When farmers where farmers
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  15. He was a tough man. He would de-stone a field by hand, right into his 80's.
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  16. yellowbelly

    yellowbelly Member

    That's just reminded me of my best day at school.....

    The chemistry teacher was telling us how dangerous potassium was and how it had to be kept in oil as it spontaneously combusted if exposed to air. As he got some out of the jar to show us he somehow managed to get some on his finger:eek: He tried to fling it into the sink but only managed to launch it across the lab and into my mate's satchel which promptly caught fire and ignited the whole lab:D:D

    The whole school was evacuated:LOL::LOL: and we all went home:LOL::LOL: while the fire brigade sorted it all out :)

    Happy days(y)
  17. Filthyfarmer

    Filthyfarmer Member

    Not quite burn the lab down, but blew a few holes in the schools Victorian walled garden with weedkiller and bits and bobs from the chemistry lab and salt peter from the blueing bath in the metalwork lab.........:whistle:

    Managed to clear the chem lab a few times with concoctions from the acid bottles on each bench poured in the sink. :sneaky:

    And I only got interviewed by the police once.........Happy days indeed(y)
  18. Goweresque

    Goweresque Member

    North Wilts
    You weren't at my school were you? One lad in my year managed to make nitrogen tri-iodide crystals, which are explosive under the slightest pressure. He did it in his room and didn't realise he'd split some on the carpet - when the cleaner came round later she hoovered it up and the hoover exploded.........

  19. On the plus side I think we catch serial killers more quickly then they used to!
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  20. Baker9

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    N Ireland BT47
    I remember the time when dad smoked a pipe. When ever he had something to do that involved using both hands , the pipe was put in his jacket pocket.
    We were building small bales in our uncles loft, we were doing the carrying, he as building them in, dad was not daft when he had others o do the manual labour. After a while I could smell burning cloth. I looked for the source which was as you guessed, dad. I shouted up to him and he walked out of the shed and by this time the jacket was well alight.
    He threw it on the ground and stamped on it to put out the fire, uncle not impressed as he was a woodbine man.

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