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Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by Pasty, Mar 15, 2019 at 12:21 AM.

  1. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    Should the government completely go back on their word and betray the Brexit vote, what next?

    17.4 million people feeling utterly betrayed. Farage on the rampage. Off we go again. Possible that even many previous remain voters would be so dismayed that they would want to simply get rid of the inept criminals.

    Weimar Republic anyone? When a large percentage of the population feel utterly betrayed by government, things tend to go to the extremes.
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  2. Werzle

    Werzle Member

    We are leaving.
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  3. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    IF ?
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  4. Suffolk Serf

    Suffolk Serf Member


    Not to mention that we would be (even more so) the laughing stock of Europe.
  5. Ncap

    Ncap Member

    Sorry to have to disabuse you on that; we ARE the laughing stock of Europe
    (My apologies you did say More of)
  6. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Mockery of whole system if remain now?
  7. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    Yes a betrayal and a mockery. But getting used to it.

    Starting to wonder if it makes any difference which set of muppets is in charge.

    I am not going to lose any sleep over it now either way, but would have preferred a negotiated orderly Brexit as Mrs May had worked for and is still working for.

    Staying in the EU might not be the bed of roses people think it is.

    Everybody said we were finished when we crashed out of the ERM and didnt join the Euro but we never looked back while the EU floundered.

    Anyway, what will be will be. Losing interest if I'm honest and heartily sick of the mud slinging. Its pointless and gets us nowhere.

    Let them bicker and squabble. Lost all respect for them. Twits on all sides, Leave and Remain.
  8. wanton dwarf

    wanton dwarf Member

    Under ordinary circumstances I'd be happy to solve whatever fallout from Brexit occurs via the next general election.

    However we have a media, establishment and Global Elite intent on censorship.

    Specifically Globalists pushing their agenda of mass immigration, global trade and Climate Taxes with no other politics allowed.

    Quite concerned about censorship and I don't know what the answer is given the lack of free speech in the UK.
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  9. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    My feeling is that as long as we are in the EU, we will have a government of North London elite career politicians. People who would get nowhere outside of the civil service. When you look back at all the great conviction politicians of whatever party, the current lot look anaemic at best. They are taking their pay and their only concern is for their political career and their pension. The reason for that is that they don't actually have to do much while we are ruled by the EU. They are cowards and liars on the whole. Led by fear, not by hope and they drag us all down with them.

    IF we can get out cleanly, I believe we might get back to the days where politics meant something. It started sliding under Major and from 97 on has turned into some kind of farce and I include all parties in that.
  10. Muck Spreader

    Muck Spreader Member

    Just as well, because we haven't started the real stuff yet. Years and years of it to look forward to, not only with Europe but the prospect of endless acrimonious trade negotiations with the likes of the US, India, Brazil. Brexit is definitely the show that keeps on giving.
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  11. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    They be all about , teas with WI , local meetings,kissing babies etc.etc after your vote in the next elections still ???
  12. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    I already fear for civil disobedience and violence as a result of Brexit and some of it's consequences

    If there is no Brexit and miraculously we Remain, I fear that will be even worse.

    The Country is absolutely riven, not just a Nation but families at war almost

    Very very sad
  13. Muck Spreader

    Muck Spreader Member

    I think the same people will take to the streets whatever the outcome. Giving people false promises always ends up badly. Trump could soon find this out as well.:(
  14. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    I just think he'll end up getting impeached and then be written out of the history books
  15. turbo

    turbo Member

    Like your own macron has found out,no need to bring trump down to his level
  16. Why limit yourselves.....??
  17. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    It needn't be acrimonious though need it?

    The more I think about it, the less I am interested. Remain if we have to, leave if we have to, but please can we just move forward with some plan, any plan.

    The remainers darent quite come out with it a say we should remain. They understand that it will look anti democratic. So what's their plan? How are they are going bund consensus in parliament and the country?
    I am all ears but haven't heard anything sensible yet.

    Another referendum in the light of developments and what we know now would maybe be useful. Why should it take so long to organise? Always the same bollox feet dragging and obstruction.

    Simple question do you want to leave or remain?

    Job done.
  18. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    That would be the same question and if it came out leave again then we are back at square 1. Remainers would claim that leave voters didn't know what version of leave they wanted.

    I suspect a second ref would be more like bad deal or remain. So most leavers would have nothing to vote for. It would be rigged as they messed it up last time. So remain would win and then we are back to square 1 again. Farage is back in business and has 17.4 million pee'd off people to back him.

    In my opinion, we voted on the principle to leave so any further ref should be how we leave.
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  19. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    I agree with you in principle but in practice even if you sign up for double glazing you get a fortnight to cancel.

    I don't fear another referendum, but if it came out leave again, which well it might, then leave we must.

    If it came out remain I'd accept it. Life's too short to get over worked up about all this stuff.

    I really don't think though that there is a critical mass of remainers anywhere. They make a lot of noise but can't organise a concerted and unified movement, which says a lot in itself. They don't even have a leader of any sort, just a lot of blowhards and moaners. Jeremy Corbyn is still a leaver. I'd say only about a third of MP's are actually committed remainers so they'll never actually stop Brexit, just make it a pigs ear.
  20. Homesy

    Homesy Member

    I think it all depends on how the EU elections go in May. The french hate Macron so will probably vote for Le Pen, the Italians ,Greeks, Hungarians are all anti EU. There is a lot of anti Eu feeling in Holland too. If the elections go badly for the euro elite, the last thing that they are going to want is a very angry bunch of Fararge and Tory MEPs stoking up the fires. We may then find the backstop problems are suddenly solved and out we go.

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