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Immigration Good For The Country?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by bluebell, May 15, 2018.

  1. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Totally agree , Blair`s fault 100%, that man has done more harm than Hitler.
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  2. So obvious that there is no one left in Eastern Europe?

    There’s quite a few around that think that if anywhere is a “s**thole” (not an expression I would choose), it’s the angry isle.
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  3. stewart

    stewart Member

    Bay of Plenty NZ
    Our labour is not cheap and we pay substantially over the minimum wage.
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  4. Walterp

    Walterp Member

    Hostility to immigration - whatever the business case or the national interest - has been at the core of the pro-Brexit case. The leave side defined itself with the claim that Britain was being lost to an uncontrollable tide of migrants from eastern and central Europe. Many were criminals and welfare scroungers. Public services had been overwhelmed.

    It's called 'playing on people's fears' - in fact, UK net immigration is not particularly significant in today's global circumstances. Australia's annual net overseas immigrant intake is 168,200 people (2015-16, Australian Bureau of Statistics) for a population of 24 million, whilst our Tory government is aiming for 100,000 for a 66 million population.

    Many aspects of modern life rely on the free flow of labour, either cheap and manual or specialised and expensive: NHS performance will suffer without immigrant staff, just as sectors of UK agriculture will reduce output without it.

    It's self-evident that if labour is prevented from coming to where the action is, the action will have to migrate to where the people are, with concomitant adverse effects on most of us.

    The interesting question, to my mind, is when and why did many UK voters lose interest to the importance of the needs of business and the economy (whilst retaining their enthusiasm for the fruits thereof)?
  5. Or possibly not(y), if I have a job where I require staff , the pay rate for a local or an immigrant will be the same, not less, unlike when I was working in the UK where I suspect I was getting paid less than a UK employee even if odds that I was actually qualified to probably higher level for the job.:banghead:
  6. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    is Australia in the EU ?
    it would seem that a country can have inward immigration and not be in the EU
    well who would have thought that
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  7. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    so you don't think that a lack of supply in your local work force would mean you would have to pay more ?
    I would think if you had a job that needed doing and there was only one person available that could do it then they could [within reason] name their price, if there were 100 people available to do that job then you could name yours
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  8. Well, it was in the Eurovision :D
  9. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    Really I wouldn't know
  10. will l

    will l Member

    Beauce france
    wrong, france does!
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  11. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    I think they call it supply and demand. (y)
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  12. Lack of supply or locals that don't want to work? If you had a 100 people capable of doing a job yet 99 were too lazy and one would do it , could they name their price? Or if you had a hundred people available, do you discount their level of pay because you "can" or do you pay fair price regardless?
  13. stewart

    stewart Member

    Bay of Plenty NZ
    You pay a fair price regardless.
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  14. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Yes, no option in the uk for anyone to do any different min wage is quite fair for alot of jobs.
  15. I think when you have been in a situation where it appears that you have been taken advantage of because you are from another country, it makes you more conscous of what you pay staff , or be they local or from abroad. As an employer it pays not to be a pansy to your employees.
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  16. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Their choice to come here, min wage here is alot more than they would get at home in alot of cases.
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  17. bluebell

    bluebell Member

    I tell you what lets sack all the people in top jobs in local council and all the parasite lawyers and all the other high paid good for nothings and replace them with cheaper and better immigrants to do them ? would they stand for that? OH and i forgot the police crime commisoner on £1500 a week what the hell do they do all day?
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  18. unlacedgecko

    unlacedgecko Member

    The most important industry in the UK is road haulage. Without it, nothing moves. The industry depends upon EU nationals to be drivers.

    Delving deeper into the world of UK logistics, you won't find many British people among the warehouse pickers which load the lorries to deliver goods to shops.

    If all EU nationals were deported this evening, there would be no food in the shops by lunch time tomorrow.
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  19. Douglasmn

    Douglasmn Member

    There is always the argument that all of us are basically immigrants of some sort. Don't have to go back too far in my family to find Norwegian ancestry, so I don't especially have any problem with other people doing the same. Doesn't every one have the right to a better life? Struggle to work out how all the factory and agriculture jobs currently staffed by eastern Europeans would suddenly be filled if they all left.
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  20. You are getting mixed up. We arent too concerned about people coming to work here, they should be granted limited work visas. What we ARE concerned about is the additional strain they place on public services. Not to mention that there is utterly no security screening for migrants coming to this country hence the growth in eastern european gangs involved in organised crime and human trafficing. We are a soft touch and free healthcare and the like for these people needs to stop.
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