"Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

Discussion in 'Holistic Farming' started by Kiwi Pete, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. baaa

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    Great photos! A frightening number of sheep, but it does show me that the weight density for sheep cannot match cows for UHD. I dont think there would be enough space for them. I having shearing lessons today :)
  2. onesiedale

    onesiedale Member

    exactly the same spot 24hours later
  3. onesiedale

    onesiedale Member

    here, I've just moved the heifers. So you can see yesterday's mess, today's mess and also tomorrow's :)
    meanwhile the worms are getting to work on it all. They are my secret underground army!
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  4. Samcowman

    Samcowman Member

    @onesiedale what’s your plan for those thistles. Whack them off with a grubber? Started doing the odd ones I have on the rotation when I move them now.
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  5. Please excuse me - I'm not being funny, this is a serious question

    But, why does everyone seem to worry so much about thistles, docks, etc etc ?
  6. Please excuse me - I'm not being funny, this is a serious question

    But, why does everyone seem to worry so much about thistles, docks, etc etc ?
  7. Poorbuthappy

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    They have a habit of taking over under standard management systems.
    I'm interested to see what they do under a more holistic approach
  8. jonnyjon

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    I don't think cattle fatten too well on them
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  9. Henarar

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    ZumerZet Somerset
    Grow taller
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  10. I'm trialling ignoring them this year :whistle:

    The cows are actually eating quite a few docks this year :)
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  11. onesiedale

    onesiedale Member

    Thanks for the reminder!
    Every time I go to move this group I tell myself;
    'Tomorrow I'll bring a spade back with me and spend 20 minutes stabbing these thistles'

    one day I'll remember. They shouldn't take too much grubbing out.
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  12. Samcowman

    Samcowman Member

    They eat docks and nettles but they really don’t seem to get the taste for thistles so I prefer to whack them off. Only the odd one really.
    Dug some chicory up yesterday went down probably about 8inches with the main root and there was a narrow bit at the end broken. Just wish it had taken better in the overseed.
  13. Sheep grazing around Too many Thistles will on occasion break the skin on lambs lips / noses and let in the orf virus. Which is potentially disastrous
    Spear or scotch thistles are even sharper barstweards to get seeds puffing over the hedge to not please yr neighbours :whistle: only good thing about them is thatgold finches love the seed that doesnt blow and hangs around till autumn / winter

    Docks arent such a problem with sheep around as they eat them and i expect they have more than enough good minerals in them to balance out the negative anti nutritional things they might contain......good sheep eat them and stop them seeding as they are good at producing thousands of them and they will then smother out grass and worse ..... clover ...they are ok prescion chopped as welll actually , and put in the clamp and early silage cutting gets them before seeding again , hay cropping with docks is the worse thing of all to encourage them to world dominance.:cautious:
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  14. Btw, anyone here old enough to remember that feeling when confronted with a field of small bales to handle when there was thistles in it ? :cry:
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  15. Old enough? I'm 29 and I know all about it (n)
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  16. baaa

    baaa Member

    I am suffering the consequences of ignoring the thistles for a couple of years! The good thing is when I cut them all the stock devours them. I think these plants have deeper roots and bring more nutrients to the surface than grass can. So I am growing them as a stock health benefit!
  17. ill admit ive been whatcking a few with the scythe i use for making line lanes./ - ive head of a spudger type tool that you cut the taproot below the ground...

    sheep are eating the heads atm... but do worry about orf as we had a bad run last year with it... touch wood non so far...
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  18. Kiwi Pete

    Kiwi Pete Member

    Owaka, New Zealand
    No worries here.

    They're only (trying) to fix a problem, if you cut them down every year then you have to fix the problems yourself, and it costs a fudge sight more.

    But, that's the whole point, isn't it?
    To replace natural systems and processes with extra work, extra cost, and a couple more scoops of hand-wringing....
  19. Samcowman

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    The cows seem to have the taste for docks. The heifers on another block just seem to take the tops off
  20. And what problem is that exactly :unsure:

    Biggest problem we had in with the lucerne was docks and spear thistles
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