' In' words that grit:

Al R

Livestock Farmer
West Wales
Really grates me how people call other’s a “legend” for doing small things where a simple thank you would have been sufficient. Or you ask what Someone is like and they say “he’s a legend” well why is he a “legend” he’s hardly a superhero or god.


Livestock Farmer
"Bear with me". Fine, move quietly back from it, or shoot the thing. Perhaps this rewilding lark has already started, because a lot of people are apparently having issues with them.
Be sure they're not asking you to "Bare with me".................

...........................you may be turning down something completely different :whistle: :cool:


Currently, the lady teaching computing via home learning says "no don't worry" after every sentence.

No paper - dont worry
No one - dont worry
Didn't type it in correctly - don't worry
Can't spell your own name - don't worry.

I know they're trying to keep kids enthused, but if a yr8 student can't copy and type five words, then they really ought worry.

Bald Rick

Livestock Farmer
Now come on...
No one can blame Kylie for anything
Yes you can on two fronts .....

No. 1 - when she decided that she could sing Country & Western. WTF was that? Stick to singing pap songs

No. 2 - I ask you to examine this photo ....


Now, it is my opinion that it is unlikely that our own wives will have such a pert behind so boo to Ms Minogue

Carbon Week - 1 to 5 March.

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Carbon Week

Carbon Week is a series of AHDB events, taking place from 1 to 5 March.
The webinars and panel discussions will feature a range of speakers and are for farmers and growers interested in understanding more about the carbon cycle, carbon auditing, reducing emissions and the opportunities around this.
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