indespension livestock trailers


If I was buying a trailer today I would seriously look at a Falcon trailer, spoke to them earlier this year and was told at least a year to wait.
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Jackov Altraids

Livestock Farmer
When I was looking for such a trailer, the local dealer was just stocking Indespension after Hudson had stopped making them.
I spoke to someone that bought one and they said that the company had been very helpful at sorting out a few niggles and were using the feedback to improve new models. They said they would buy one again but the local dealer has since switched to Graham Edwards.
I would think Nugent and Falcon are the strongest trailers for cattle.
Over 2 years for an ifor
Gone up in price a small fortune aswell

Bignor Farmer

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West Sussex
My new Indespension is turning up “imminently” according to dealer which would be around the 20 weeks they quoted when I ordered.
Don’t want to drag the 20+ year old Ifor through another winter and lambing so opted for the Indespension partly on waiting time. I don’t honestly think there will be a lot in it between the main brands until you start talking about hydraulic decks etc which is well beyond our requirement.

Personally I don’t like the Ifor easy load ramp which collapses loading sheep on uneven ground and makes me think I’ll chop a finger off in the wrong place at the wrong time! Newer ones might be better though?
Indespension is similar but locks off with a solid bar and pin, slightly more faf but won’t collapse when loading.


Livestock Farmer
Spoke to a neighbour who has priced up an ifor last week, March delivery from guys machinery at Gisburn. I priced up a Graham Edwards and it was the same time frame.

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