Innovation Insight – Time to put the yield on?


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Download PDF There’s a new biostimulant on the market that does quite a different job from the rest. CPM explores the science behind it. No other biostimulant mimics what this does. By Tom Allen-Stevens In a very crowded market of new biostimulants, there’s one available this year that’s set to stand out. YieldOn is a combination of plant extracts with micronutrients applied relatively late in the season designed to transfer plant assimilates and sugars from the leaf and stem into the grain – put the yield on. And apparently it does. “We’re really rather excited about YieldOn,” says Hutchinsons’ technical manager Dick Neale. “It’s a biostimulant that’s more often than not given us a significant yield response in small-plot trials – that’s rare.” Valagro scientists applied new techniques to the study of plant extracts. Dr Mark Glover looks after the biological, adjuvant and micronutrient portfolio at Agrii. “We’re still learning with biostimulants, and they’re no magic bullet. But in 2018, a year when a lot of products appeared to perform in trials, YieldOn was one that did so significantly.” YieldOn is a new combination of three different plant extracts, including seaweed, designed specifically to “switch on” yield explains Valagro UK…
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Hello, I’m Janet Hughes. I’m the Programme Director for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme in Defra – the programme that’s phasing out the Common Agricultural Policy and introducing new schemes and services for farmers.

Today (20 September) between 7pm-8pm, I and some of my colleagues will be answering your questions about our work including the Sustainable Farming Incentive, Farming in Protected Landscapes, and our test and trials.

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