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Though yield has often been a downfall of Clearfield varieties, a breakthrough in breeding means a new candidate from DSV looks like it could change the game for growers. CPM reviews DSV Matrix CL. Growers will no longer have to choose between taking advantage of Clearfield technology and high yield potential. By Charlotte Cunningham Clearfield technology has been around for several years now, and while it undoubtedly serves a very important purpose, many have felt certain traits tend to lag behind their competitors. But since their launch, breeding strategies and capabilities have developed somewhat, and now DSV claims it has a new oilseed rape variety in its portfolio which changes the game… Meet Matrix CL – the firm’s latest high yielding Clearfield OSR which is lined up to break through the former limitations of Clearfield varieties. Dr Alexander Doering has been with DSV since 2012, working on oilseed development. “Matrix CL has been in the pipeline for quite some time. When we’re breeding for hybrid winter OSR we have a timeline of 12 years – if we’re going for Clearfield – which starts by making the very first crosses, before moving onto the development of the parental lines and…
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New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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Farmdeals is very pleased to announce that Exswift Limited will soon be joining our digital online platform. Exswift deliver all types of fuel to numerous locations around Essex and further a field. We will keep you updated as to when they go live. powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm. #farming #workinghard #inittogether

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