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  1. BobTheSmallholder

    So I've been following Ridgedale Permaculture on YouTube for coming on a year now and this video out of all the hundreds sent shivers down my spine and made me want to share it! As a 31yr old without a penny to my name who desperately wants to start a holistic farming project in Scotland this guy has made me think it could actually work!

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  2. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Thanks for sharing it (y)

    He is speaking the truth!
  3. yeah ive been watching richard for quiet a while now - and this video really was great.
  4. Treg

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    Keep asking local farmers if any lands coming up or if anyone getting on a bit needs a hand, tell people your ideas and what you want to do.
    NEVER be afraid of being laught at for wanting to do something different ( the ones farming differently are usually the ones that make a profit ) , someone may laugh but you mite course a light bulb moment and they'll remember you and maybe come up with a idea for the way forward.
    Good luck.

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