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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Rob Holmes, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hi @bogman_bass , welcome aboard. Lots to see and do here but careful you don't become addicted :whistle:.

    And watch out for the posse, they can usually bee found loitering near "the shite club" thread in "off topic" :D
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  2. Landyman

    Landyman Member

    Welcome to the forum @bogman_bass do you know @phil
  3. phil

    phil Member

    Well I'm based in Wexford

    How small do you think Ireland is @Landyman
  4. Nearly as small as Yorkshire I suspect :whistle::D
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  5. Landyman

    Landyman Member

    No idea phil ;)
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  6. dint do o level geog. then
  7. bogman_bass

    bogman_bass New Member

    Ah Phil! 'tis yerself!
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  8. Do you know @Alicecow as well :)
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  9. phil

    phil Member

    Jaysus bogman your looking well
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  10. Landyman

    Landyman Member

    What do you think :rolleyes:
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  11. I took it but failed :(
  12. Landyman

    Landyman Member

    I think i was skiving when i was supposed to take mine
  13. I was there,but with a dazed look - out of the classroom window, either daydreaming about motorbikes, girls , ploughing and not necessarily in that order....:D
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  14. gregcruickshank

    gregcruickshank New Member

    Hi I'm Greg,
    My parents and I got into farming about a year ago and it's going really well. We have a small farm in the heartland of Scotland with about 100 acres.

    Was wondering if someone could help, I'm trying to find out about fence and livestock rules, any help would be great!

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  15. Rob Holmes

    Rob Holmes Moderator

    Hi Greg, welcome along!

    What specifically are you wanting to know about? As you may have gathered, there is a wealth of knowledge here, all you need to do is ask.

    Pop along to the livestock section and they'll probably be able to help

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  16. Grizzly Bear

    Grizzly Bear New Member

    Hi, I'm Grizzly Bear.

    I like fish and I swim a lot. I'm quite lazy but can move when I have to. Spend a lot of time asleep.
  17. Jewells

    Jewells Member

    Hello, anybody there?................. After lurking in the bushes for a while, decided to take the plunge and joined TFF a couple of months ago.

    About 25 years ago an opportunity came up for us to buy some acres here in Cheshire, so we jumped in with both feet :eek: but after the dust had settled we though now what do we do???????? My husband has his own business, so the ‘farming’ was left to me. Only having ever worked in offices previously and never having been up close or really looked at a sheep or any other animal before, you could say I’ve been on a big learning curve ever since :D. Luckily a friend of ours has helped me enormously over the years and even with the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change my life for the world, I just love it.:love:
  18. Welcome, to farming AND to TFF. (y)

    You'll find all life on here, good advice, strange characters and things to make you smile, laugh or scratch your head. :eek:

    Venture into "off topic" at your peril (but there's lots of fun there).
  19. Jewells

    Jewells Member

    Thanks for your welcome. I have read the banter between some of the strange characters on here and it sure does bring a smile to your face on a grey day(y) Dare I say I've had a sneaky peek on Off Topic as well........;)
  20. Brave AND adventurous, you'll fit right in on here (y):D

    Try the MMmmMMmmmm thread for eye candy or the "Farmers Dating" thread now known by the participants as the "pointless banter" thread :whistle:

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