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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Rob Holmes, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex, UK
    Oh dear, that's my good side:(:bag:
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  2. Minnie

    Minnie Member

    New Zealand
    @bogman_bass and @phil ...
    I'm a Kiwi - was in a pub in Aberdeen a few years back with some Aberdonian friends, having a good time. A friendly local heard my accent and came over "so you're from NZ? My daughter lives there." Oh I probably know her then, says I. Turned out his daughter and I worked together!
  3. Sussex Martin

    Sussex Martin Member

    Burham Kent
    Maybe a full frontal ;). Er, on second thoughts :stop::nailbiting::nailbiting:.
  4. Fievel Farmanimal

    Fievel Farmanimal New Member

    Salo, Finland
    Hello! I,m a farmer in Finland. I've these old Massey Ferguson tractors. Have repaired them and taken photos. So I first made homepage in Finnish of my hobbies and farming. Then found out that MF tractors are also outside Finland. Desided to translate pages to English, maybe they are useful to somebody. Linked two pages in the machinery topics. Last translated page is more agriculture than tractor repair, so can as well link it here. Link to mainpage at the end of page.
  5. Wikifarmer

    Wikifarmer New Member

    Hi to all.
    Wikifarmer is the first User Generated Online Farming Library.
    You can edit an existing article, submit a new article or just enjoy free access to hundreds of farming guides. All the content you add will be soon reviewed by agronomists and -once approved- it will be added to a high quality Online Farming Library.
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  6. richpain

    richpain New Member

    Hi, i'm Rich. Work on a 2000 acres potato and arable farm in the West Midlands. Does anyone know anything about receiving grants for tidying up/maintaining woodlands?
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  7. Morning rich, there will be someone on here who will be able to help, you just have to wait a while (y)
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  8. richpain

    richpain New Member

    Many thanks, it does seem a hive of activity so far, I doubt i'll be waiting long
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  9. Alicecow

    Alicecow Member

    You might get an answer quicker if you post it in Ag Matters (y)
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