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  1. upnortheast

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    Had an IP camera working fine for a couple of years.

    It still works on `puter connected to the same router.
    However it is no longer visible over the internet.

    Nothing has changed that I`m aware of.(
    It`s on a landline router)
    Any thoughts on where to check
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  2. For it to be visible on the WAN (Internet) side, it will probably need port forwarding set up on the router.
    First thing I would check would be any port forwarding options in the routers settings.
  3. Timbo

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    Gods County
    Has the router upgraded its firmware and forgotten any port forwarding?
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  4. Need more info to narrow down the solution.

    Without revealing anything confidential in a public forum, when connecting to your camera from outside your local network - do you type (or have a shortcut) that is a numeric address (e.g like or an alphabetic address like myipcamera.panasonic.cams.com ?
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  5. upnortheast

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    The 2nd option
  6. So while you have a laptop or phone connected to the same network as the camera you need to:

    1. get your external IP address. See this article if you’re not sure how to.
    2. run a trace route to the web address that you use to access the camera externally. See this article if you’re not sure how to.

    The IP address should be the same in 1 and 2 above.

    If the IP addresses are different then we proceed to determine why your camera is not updating the DDNS service or why the DDNS is not working, or there could be further network translations going up up the chain e.g. with a 4G broadband isp.

    If they are the same then there is likely an issue with ports and forwarding going on your local router.
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  7. joe soapy

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    not wanting to jump the thread, but got a annke with 4 wifi cams, getting 200 m+ range with good vision.
    put one on the truck and could drive all round the field with the cam staying connected
  8. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    Thanks for that. Will try you suggestion later
  9. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    Sorted, many thanks
    IP from "whats my IP + colon port number & connected fine

    What changed to upset it I`m not sure
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  10. If you were connecting using like myipcamera.panasonic.cams.com before, then I reckon the dynamic DNS service somewhere has gone a bit awry, perhaps expired or needs an update.

    If you can connect via IP address then that's good. Just beware that if your public/external IP address changes from what your ISP dishes out then you will need to know the new IP address before you can connect again. That's the beauty of having the DDNS updating it for you. When it works of course.

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  11. cider_eater

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    north of Lands End
    Talking on this subject,
    i phone will pick up the cctv pictures no problem within 80-100 metres away beyond that receive nothing so is that normal?
    also when away say in town or when in reach of wifi the iPhone still won't pick up from home cctv, any suggestions of what I'm not doing?
  12. upnortheast

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    Sounds like you can connect to the router the cam is connected to, but not across the internet.
    See @Pheasant Surprise comments above about getting external ip address
    Also look in cams setting to find which port it uses
    Then look up your router instructions for opening that port

    In an iphone connected to a different wifi to the one your cam is connected to you need
    IP from "whats my IP colon port number
    Someting like :3020
  13. Yes it is as @upnortheast says, being connected to another WiFi network (next door, in the pub or over in Australia makes no odds) or the mobile network is quite different to being connected to the camera on the same (home/local) WiFi network.

    When away from home you must use the external/public IP address of your router (that the camera is ultimately connected to) at home.

    On that router it must be set up to have a port opened and forwarded to the local camera (well it’s internal IP address). The camera must be also be setup on your home network to have a fixed/static, unchanging IP address for this to work. This is known as port forwarding. This is done from the router (usually) or other device which dishes out network IP addresses for devices on the local network.

    So when you are out and about, you point your browser or camera viewing software to your routers public IP address and port, and not the local IP address of the camera that you would use if you were at home.

    There are several things that can muck up the delicate balance of how this all works. The key ones that spring to mind are:

    1. Your public/external IP address can change from time to time by your ISP. Unless you have paid for or otherwise arranged to have a fixed or static IP address as part of your service. The most basic way of getting around this limitation is to check your external IP address from time to time - but this is rather clunky if the external IP changes are frequent. Most folks use something called a Dynamic DNS or DDNS service. Think of it as an phone book service that automatically updates the phone book entry for “joe blogs” when his phone number changes.

    2. You use a 4G service provider like EE or Vodafone for your home broadband connection. I won’t bore you with the details but the way most 4G service work means that old fashioned port forwarding does not work. In essence because what your router thinks is your public IP address is not just your ‘real’ public adresss.

    Hope that helps and does not cause more confusion.
  14. cider_eater

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    north of Lands End
    thanks for suggestions
    thing is I'm not in the line in other words
    i am not very technical with this.
    I know it was set up 6/7 years back by one of the top names for security
    they can't help very much.

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