Irish Border post Brexit

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by essexpete, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Hey devil, can you attribute your quotes please, so we can see where you get the drivel from! As a few folk have said, we live this history, and I can say it is rare that anyone talks of an independent ni, mostly because it is a stupid idea, we couldn’t afford our bloated civil service for a start! As a region we are behind many places, but as a nation we are part of the 5th largest economy in the world, and many of us are proud of our British heritage!

    What might your heritage be, if I may be so bold to ask?
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    Professional troll - baiting successfully I may add.

    Let it tootle on lads (y)
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    Since when did either side really consider the facts. From over here it seems that it is all lies and scaremongering from both sides.
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    Ask the Ulster nationalism don't ask me. Regards.
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    Ain't that the truth!
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    1. a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).
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    Sunny Scotland
    How do you find that applicable in the quoted post?
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    Who is he asking? The Ulster Nationalism.

    Break that down.

    Is the poster stating from what he thinks he knows of the Unionist position? Or the Nationalist position, if it is the later I’ve never heard it referred to as Ulster Nationalism. Irish Nationalism yes.

    The Unionist position is self explanatory, as the clue is in the name.
  9. The poster seems to think Ulster Nationalism is more popular than a relatively small fringe belief in reality.
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  10. Sorry for a dumb question, but how many live in NI? I imagine it would be like an independent Norfolk ?
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  11. 1.875 million (2017)
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    Someone said NI has NEVER wanted to be independent, all i did was to report a movement who was asking for independence. Like it or not they did exist. Do we also want to talk about those "oranges"? The place has way too many troubles that stopped when the EU came out.

    Furthermore they had the I.R.A. who was asking independence from UK but not Ireland, yet they were planting bombs in order to leave the UK. Call me a troll it doesn't make any difference, the fact is that UK has some real problems to the point their people do kill each other because they do not want to stay in UK yet you are claiming the EU is going to disband because the brexit.

    Where in the world someone starts a civil war by planting bombs to the point you have to send there your army?

    I guess the troll is you pretending this never happened. Pay attention we are talking about few decades ago, the last bomb was in the 1996 if i do remember correct. You think without EU everything is going to be fine in there?

    I think without the EU the troubles will restart, even worse. Regards.
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    I've never heard it put that way either, but that doesn't mean it's technical contradiction.

    Those (however small in number) who have in their own ideology a desire for the province of Ulster to become an independent nation could be classed as Ulster Nationalists.

    So I'm not totally in agreement that it's an oxymoronic term to say "Ulster Nationalist". The popularity of it's usage or as an opinion are irrelevant.

    Ulster Unionist is probably as or perhaps even more inaccurate a term than Ulster Nationalist, because without going to great lengths, Ulster is unlikely to ever be completely in the Union.
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  14. Just imagine how more confusing it could have been if we had followed through on the proposal to rename Northern Ireland as Ulster in 1949.
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  15. M-J-G

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    Sunny Scotland
    Now that would have been oxymoron :)
  16. Devil_0101

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    The point of these ulster nationalist, is that they came out during a civil war contest as a political party supporting the paramilitary. I call it a civil war because the NI was a member of the UK and there were people fighting the army, by supporting terrorist or joining them at some point.

    The above means the problem in NI were so bad to the point they started to kill each other. If NI voted to remain obviously they must have some better deals with the EU and the Ireland and it takes a crazy politician to bring back the old friction they had 30 years ago.

    It was a small party but not the only party, it indeed proves the problems in there go up to terrorist attacks and not just pacific manifestations, therefor i think the border will go back as it used to be during those fights.

    The problem is that there is the EU, Russia, USA, China, and who knows what will happen in there because you are still a member of the NATO but the NATO is now an alliance between the USA and the EU it's not anymore like it was during the cold war that ended with the fall of the soviet union.
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    Ahh. The ‘Ulster is a Country’ ‘Ulster is a Province’ thing. Yet more context to be considered :unsure:
  18. Devil_0101

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    This time is not going to be the ira or whatever, this time is going to be a politician party pro EU backed up by a 48% of people who wanted to remain, especially scott and NI, and indeed the EU will backup them. Regards.
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    ZumerZet Somerset
    and the problem ?
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    You really do show how little you know if you think that the troubles ended in 1996. Paramilitaries are very active on both sides of the divide, pipe bombs, punishment beatings/ shootings, families being put out of their homes, extortion, protection rackets, drug dealing etc.
    The EU has put peace money into NI since the IRA et al put down their weapons, but as the UK is a net contributor to the EU then you could argue that they're only giving our own money back again

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