Is anybody else really struggling with 2019 so far!?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Doing it for the kids, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. It's been ok for me so far,
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  2. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Me too. Feel a bit guilty.
  3. You got to look at life positively otherwise you end up sad and depressed!
  4. Chae1

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    Does sound like some people on this thread have had a hard time.

    Hope it improves for them.
  5. Although I do worry about Brexit, my current profession relies on the economy doing well,
  6. Think some worried about the future of there business, sometimes in life you may do job well but things that aren't in your control can go wrong,
  7. JD6920s

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    Chap I know when asked how he is always says, “well I’m the right side of the turf so all’s good”
  8. A lot of commercial tenants are sitting on their hands at the moment which isnt helping either.
  9. So sorry to hear this must have been awful
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  10. Bruce Almighty

    Sorry to hear that
    If it's any consolation, first thing New Years Day 2019, my brother says "HNY, heifer 1089 has slipped on concrete, think she's broke her leg, you'll have to shoot her"
    So I did

    That's on top of my wife's illness
  11. Without wishing to divulge too much my wife's not been very well.
  12. Loner

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    South Manchester
    Hey guys, it's only the 12th day of 2019. I am sure things will start getting better. My problems started with a boiler breakdown a couple of days befor Xmas, what ajob gettting a plumber. At least it got fixed for the Xmas period, and all were warm,and with plenty of hot water.
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  13. I'd say so far so goodish.

    UP 20% so far on last January.

    I had a good total no work break over the new year . 30th until the 2nd short but im always at it normally , and felt loads better for it. So a Full Friday to a Full Monday is on the cards once a month this year. It's all still there when I switch back on.
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  14. Sorry to hear,
  15. farmerm

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    This dry January is keeping me more upbeat than I would normally be after trudging round in the mud in a more typical year (y)
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  16. That’s about where I am at; but sorry for those with a bad run currently
  17. Let us hope the results are as good as they can be.
  18. Dry in January down here is not a good thing!!
  19. glasshouse

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    I am so glad i dont have cattle.
  20. glasshouse

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    You need a break
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