Is anybody else really struggling with 2019 so far!?

Wasn't going too bad until we found a previously blooming in-calf heifer dead in the yard mid morning, still warm, silage still in her mouth, no signs of any struggle or trauma, presume heart attack or similar. :(:(
Sorry to hear that
If it's any consolation, first thing New Years Day 2019, my brother says "HNY, heifer 1089 has slipped on concrete, think she's broke her leg, you'll have to shoot her"
So I did

That's on top of my wife's illness


South Manchester
Hey guys, it's only the 12th day of 2019. I am sure things will start getting better. My problems started with a boiler breakdown a couple of days befor Xmas, what ajob gettting a plumber. At least it got fixed for the Xmas period, and all were warm,and with plenty of hot water.
I'd say so far so goodish.

UP 20% so far on last January.

I had a good total no work break over the new year . 30th until the 2nd short but im always at it normally , and felt loads better for it. So a Full Friday to a Full Monday is on the cards once a month this year. It's all still there when I switch back on.


RPA inspection yesterday....24 hrs notice all passports and paperwork.
Coming back Tues to run all cattle through the crush to read all tags. He wanted to do it Mon morning but I managed to put him off as I know there are some tags missing which I need to get in first. So frustrating when I have plenty else to be doing ! He tells us that we are in the 'target bracket' for being inspected. When asked what that meant it was that this winter the RPA are targeting mid range cattle farmers for inspection ,i.e with a herd number between 180 and 320, I straight away said that I thought inspections were supposed to be entirely random to which he said they are but if a holding comes up for inspection and is for less than 180 cattle or more than 320 it will be more likely to not be inspected in favour of any in the targeted bracket ! I simply don't trust them !!!!
I am so glad i dont have cattle.

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