Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

After a dry 6 weeks which allowed all spring work to be done at a pretty casual pace, we've had 2 inches of rain in the past week or so, an inch of which has been in the past 24 hours.
An increase in temp would have 2021 in the running for being much better than average for us.


East yorks

Nice drop made everything sticky this morning and greened stuff up, fairly cold and some more frosts forecast so some warm will soon bring stuff on now

That will do us for a while now
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Forecast - 24 hours (weather and hazard summary)

Sunny spells and scattered showers today, these chiefly confined to Suffolk southwards to start, but becoming increasingly widespread through the afternoon.The odd one perhaps locally sharp and thundery too, with a risk of isolated lightning strikes. Showers easing and clearing eastwards through the evening to leave the rest of the night dry, clear and cold.
Forecast - 2 to 5 Days (weather and hazard summary)
Becoming rather cloudy tomorrow morning, with more extensive cloud further south, and a scattering of showers across the region too. Increasing amounts of sunshine developing later in the day, giving way to another clear and chilly night. Further scattered showers returning on Friday between sunny spells, the sharpest most likely across north-eastern parts of Norfolk, where they could also linger for a little longer too. Clouding over into Saturday, bringing an area of heavy and persistent rain, alongside brisk winds. Generally drier and sunnier on Sunday, turning warmer than of late too. The chance of some thundery showers pushing up from the south by Sunday evening though.

Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

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Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

Written by Defra Press Office


There has been coverage today in the I and the Guardian, reporting on speculation around the upcoming government response to the recent Gene Editing consultation, which closed on 17th March.

A full government response, which will include a thorough analysis and summary of the responses to the consultation and which will set out our next steps, will be published in due course.

Gene editing has the ability to harness the genetic resources that mother nature has provided, such as breeding...