Is ploughing bad ?


Livestock Farmer
Just started reading the following, if the half of what’s in it turns out to be true, then give me the plough!


Farma Parma

Arable Farmer
Hand on heart The plough still is & always will be by far the best start too the next cereal crop in the ground thats just my thoughts.
I do now however use some less invasive cultivation methods for different reasons to est some of the crops here on a yearly basis.
All those who think otherwise can please themselves. this is just my working life spent on the same area of land & working with the weather
season after season & seeing first hand what works best.


Arable Farmer
Main reason I don’t plough is because it’s expensive and rarely achieves a more profitable crop from our experience. The crops look better in the winter then no yield difference. It also creates the need for more cultivation the next year and creates a much higher fixed cost base. This is on our soil type anyway. Saying that I did get a contractor to plough 40ha this year (long story).
High prices now I should probably buy a plough for next year and burn up the carbon from years of direct drilling and get an absolute mega crop!


I get more yield and use fewer sprays when I plough. Ploughing takes more time and has higher costs. Ploughed land will soak the rain away more quickly - this has been shown even comparing adjacent fields one with 6 percent Om low input permanent (14 years) grass Vs 2 percent Om ploughed cereal land.

Ploughing is more likely to take heavy rain in October and still get drilled. Non plough is more likely to produce a finer seedbed in the end and is better for getting small seeds growing.

Ploughing is more likely to result in a "chocolate pudding" in spring and at harvest whereas non plough will be much firmer.

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