Iso bus problem

Well the best day of the week yesterday and my baler decided to go on strike.
Baling away like a hero the box gives out a different alarm and the screen went from the baler one to a generic menu. It can't find the baler anymore. Tried the baler on a tractor with its own screen. It couldn't see the baler in its virtual terminal any more. Had plugs to bits nothing is amiss the, box on baler is my thoughts took the cover off leds are bright so it's getting power. Phoned the dealer who took over from the one who supplied it and their man who could deal with it is on holiday till Tuesday.
Anyone any ideas ?


Go to UT screen, go to setting, delete the ut pool/mask. Unplug baler. Start tractor, wait 30 seconds then plug baler in. It should load. If it doesn’t. Start looking for blown fuses on baler ecu
It's a vicon 2160 baler with a kuhn vt50 monitor (don't know why it's got a mix match there) but it's always worked before.
Fuse in the baler ecu box are OK and the little diodes are lit up so there's power in there just no signal getting back from the baler to the box. The big cable is unmarked and my electronic tester says there's no breaks in the wire.
I've gone to the settings and can only find reference to a tractor ecu control system

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