Isuzu servicing charge

Our truck due it's 1st service at 12500 miles. Can anyone say or pm me what they have paid for this service? I asked a while ago the main dealer we purchased truck from and it seemed very steep.
Can't remember exactly how much though. But it was a lot lot more than our same age l200.
Many thanks


If I remember correctly when I had my 2.5 (newer 1.9 may be different) the first service was a basic one so not that expensive, it was the second that was quite expensive as bearing etc were checked.


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My hilux cost £275 for first service which was a look round,7 litres of oil,sump washer,filter and 10 litres of add blue.i thought that was expensive after being charged £120 for oil which I complained about.they woukd have been better not doing a breakdown.i bought 205 litres of top spec new holland engine oil for £395 few days later.


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Service it yourself or have it done by an independent. As long as genuine filters and approved fluids are used, and the Isuzu service schedule is followed religiously, it won't affect the warranty.

Dealer servicing is the biggest scam since the ponzi scheme.

I can't help with your original question though, sorry. I recall the Dmax service schedule being full of stupid sh!t, like checking the valve clearances every other service, and for some reason pulling the front wheel bearings to bits and re-packing them with new grease at the first or second service. Strange stuff really, but it is what it is. Bugger paying a dealer "mechanic" hundreds of lbs per hour to do that stuff.


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As said, first one should be less than £200, there could be software updates to do, navigation might need an update, keep it with the main dealer when in warranty, Our Navara at over 4 needed a aircon condenser, no charge, another Navara almost 5 ,big mileage had a new engine, again under warranty.


I would never go to the main dealer for a service, ever. the standard of work is shocking nowadays.
service is not a wash and vacuum inside as most do, a service is all the oily bits.

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