JCB 310S

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by pbg somerset, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. KB6930

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    I know what is be doing with it !!! Dump it back in they're yard and change breed :sneaky:
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  2. oval

    oval Member

    We had same problem with 310s was accumulator can't tell you where it's at must be under cab somewhere
  3. cosmagedon

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    North Wales
    The accumulator will be for the hydraulic servo system, when it's running it will be to remove any pulsation in the system but when switched off it will allow you to operate a couple of functions with the engine off.
  4. pbg somerset

    pbg somerset Member

    I had a price from the dealer for this accumulator , it comes in at over £260 ! That's if they are talking about the correct part . Anyone got up to date cost on this by way of comparison ?
  5. Zetor

    Zetor Member

    Might not be the same but I had to replace the servo accumulators on my JCB shovel they were Citroen & I found I guy online that specialised in them, he supplied me JCB spec ones for £38 but was a few years ago though.
  6. marco

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    tipperary, ireland
    i would tell them to pay for the dump switch or take the loader back and refund. put the ball in their court.
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  7. Hesston4860s

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    Nr Lincoln
    Do all 310’s have a dump switch, pretty sure my mates didn’t !. His 320 has tho !.
  8. davidroberts30

    U just use the function with the ignition on

    Tried mine this morning...had about 20 seconds of continuous dumpage till it stopped dumping so must be accumulator related

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