JCB 426 Agri vs Volvo L70

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Acke, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Acke

    Acke Member

    Sweden Enköping
    How is a -06 6000h JCB 426 Agri compare to a Volvo L 70 same age?
    Looks to be much less money in the JCB !

  2. 8100

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    South Cheshire
  3. Acke

    Acke Member

    Sweden Enköping
    Is the L70 worth dobble money?
  4. The difference is the Volvo prob has another 20,000h left in her, does the JCB?????
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  5. Hard Graft

    Hard Graft Member

    British Isles
    the volvo will be better made
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  6. Rob_AD

    Rob_AD Member

    It depends what you want it for. I have an 07 L70F and wouldn’t part with it for a JCB for what we’re doing (loading) however if I was a contractor pushing grass all day I think I would look at a 419 or 435.. I have no doubt the Volvo will last us a very long time, JCB however not so sure.
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  7. Mouser

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    near Belfast
    Jcb is done, volvo is just run in.
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