JCB Flasher Relay

Hello, does anyone know where the flasher relay is located on a 2013 jcb 541-70 agri xtra? Had a look in the main fuse and micro relay box but couldnt see it. Any help appreciated. Thanks
Are you still fault finding this? Could open my fuse box and highlight the flasher relay if needed still ?
If you could please, just trying to eliminate things. The left hand indicators dont work with either the indicator stalk or hazard switch. When using right hand can hear it clicking but nothing with left hand


Sunny Essex
As far as I know, there is no conventional flasher relay fitted now. The indicators are controlled through the dash unit and its associated integral Ecu.
it sounds ridiculous, but that what I was told when I questioned why my 2013 machine was misbehaving with LED trailer lights. It actually had a new dash fitted under warranty to try and cure the fault, which it didn’t 😔
From memory, when talking to the dealer engineer (a man who really knows his stuff) im sure he said that they were unfortunately having some failures at the time, and the symptoms were loss of one side indicators, the solution was a new dash unit!
im no expert, but that was my experience/knowledge of my machine which was also a 2013 plate. Hope this helps in some way.

Get ready for pest monitoring, advises PGRO

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has issued new advice to help growers understand the importance of measuring pest populations before any decisions are made on insecticides. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Ahead of the trapping season, the PGRO has produced a new masterclass video to help growers understand how to trap and assess pest populations. The key advice is that using a range of preventative tools will be crucial for farmers looking to reduce cases of pea and bean weevil, pea moth, and silver Y moth this spring, while finding more sustainable ways of farming in line with new agricultural policy, according to the PGRO’s research and...