JD 6105r


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What's the above worth?
Has 3.5k hours and a H310 loader
Sits on 50percent tyres
Looks in reasonable shape,is for sale at a local auction and suspect it may go cheap during these unusual times


30k-32k My 115 was valued at 34k but I think the 105 is a light tractor than mine.
I would say more than that, try finding a good 6430 for under £30k, there aren't any, so R series in good nick with loader will be towards 40 even with higher hours.........
I bought a MF7620 from them a couple yrs ago,luckily I had went down to take a look at it before bidding and discovered it didn't have c range but it was only 18mths old with 1000hrs on it,got our local MF dealer to find out if it still had warranty on it and it still had 18mths remaining,paid £40k for it plus fees,turned out to be a cheap tractor,had been put in by a finance company.
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Mixed Farmer
I've had a few bargains from there,but you have to be very patient for them to come up.
A similar JD was sold there not long ago,also a repossetion,and had been stripped of a lot of its original equipment and replaced with dodgy parts I.e.air seat was replaced with a broken mechanical seat,tyres and rims had been swapped for non original ones.
The 15 percent buyers fee is a bit of a killer though!!!

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