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JD 6155R price

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by nick..., Aug 3, 2018.

  1. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    has anyone had a price for the above.to include vario transmission,650/42 rears and front linkage.pm me please
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  2. Robt

    Robt Member

    Buy that Jcb fastrac instead! You only live once Nick!
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  3. Holsteinfriesian90

    Rep said recently £100 grand.
  4. AlfM

    AlfM Member

    Yeah it'll be in the £102-£108k range for decent spec, maybe touch above £110k for the Utimate model.
  5. farmerbill

    farmerbill Member

    Rep said from £90k to £110k depending on spec.
  6. paul&mandy

    paul&mandy Member

    surrey/west sussex
    90k for a 130r with loader. Only autoquad too. Autotrac ready manual spools only paid that last year for a 155r with everything on it.
  7. Mouser

    Mouser Member

    near Belfast
    Jesus wept! That's crazy money, could everybody not just refrain from buying new for 6 months so prices come down!
  8. Dog Bowl

    Dog Bowl Member

    Bloody hell I was toying with the idea of getting a price for a 130R and loader soon. That’s strong money.
  9. paul&mandy

    paul&mandy Member

    surrey/west sussex
    Autopower be about 97.
  10. whindy

    whindy Member

    Cost to change that matters. List prices are a work of fiction as they are discounted straight away.
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  11. Ducati899

    Ducati899 Member

    north dorset
    Christ they’ve gone up then,my 130r with loader autopower autosteer and every other extra on xeobib tyres was bang on 70k year and a half ago
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  12. Ducati899

    Ducati899 Member

    north dorset
    My 175r fully loaded was cheaper than 97k in 2015,that’s scary
  13. AlfM

    AlfM Member

    6155r gone up a maybe £15k- £20k discounted price since this time 2015.
  14. Ted M

    Ted M Member

    £95k for 6175r September '15. Change for new 6175r June 18 £112k. Worked out about £8.30/hr like for like.
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  15. Jim B

    Jim B Member

    Unfortunately I think the prices being touted here are discounted on farm prices, not retail.
  16. AlfM

    AlfM Member

  17. james ds

    james ds Member

    I think around November 2016 , JD went up 10% overnight.
  18. kiwi pom

    kiwi pom Member

    canterbury NZ
    There always seems to be big variations on price on here.
    When you price a tractor do you get the dealers best price 'on farm' no trades etc and then decide trade price for your old machine, if you have one.
    Or say straight out I have this I want this how much to change?
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  19. Gil582

    Gil582 New Member

  20. jondear

    jondear Member

    A 130 m with decent loader is 71k now ! Or was but went up 2.5% 1st August!

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