Jersey cow wanted.

Discussion in 'Livestock For Sale & Wanted' started by topground, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. topground

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    North Somerset.
    My 88 year old father has just lost his Jersey cow which grazed the paddock in front of his house with a couple of nurse calves. It gave hm a reason to get out of the house and harkens back to when he was milking.
    Accordngly I am lookng for a replacement, I have in mind a good temerament youngish cow that hasn't made the grade in the dairy but would do a job rearing calves.
    Reasonable proximety to North Somerset would be an advantage.
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  2. Hi there,
    Not really very handy for North Somerset, but we have a young Jersey cow springing to calve that would do your job. She's coming with her second calf, which is either a Jersey or an Angus. Due in about a fortnight and not yet
    T.b.'d, so couldn't move before calving, but I'd keep her calf if it is a Jersey anyway. Nice and quiet, and not for sale due to any fault of her own. You could well be offered something closer, but p.m me if you are interested in her.
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  3. Headless chicken

    West Wales
  4. jimmer

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    weston super milk
    215 is yours @topground if i can get boss to agree

    3rd lactation

    more of a grazer than a 3x a dayer , got two jer bull calves here too ;)
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  5. topground

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    North Somerset.
    Thanks, when did she calve and any chance of a photo? I have a couple of blue calves lined up so will pass on the jersey bulls!
    Presumably you have the vet in regularly so testing won't be an issue?
    If the boss says yes pm me his price.

  6. topground

    topground Member

    North Somerset.
    Still looking!
  7. Lofty1984

    Lofty1984 Member

    @Old Tip is looking for a jersey cow too sorry to muscle in here but thought the offers may be of use

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