John Deere 6620 EPC controller



I have a JD6620 with fault code 306061.31 transmission speed too low.
I know the issue but don't know how to fix it.
I was calibrating the tractor after fitting a new clutch valve and somehow address 134 has changed to 65535. Should be 040. I can only select the three left most digits on the change to adjust,so I now have 65040. (6 is on the top line, with 5040 on the bottom line)
It looks like it should only have 3 digits, hence only letting me modify 3.
Does anyone know of any way to reset the EPC to default or factory settings, then I can re enter the correct values again?
@Tractortech @NZ Tech


Now Then..
I presume you have entered the controllers as a 'Technician'?? And that you are in EPC134??
What caused the value to change in the first place??


Yes,as far as I am aware I have entered as dealer/service level through the dash.(hold RMS during bulb check) I don't have a performance meter. I honestly don't know how it changed. The display is missing a few lines, so looks like I may have inadvertently done something after exiting the calibration procedure. Its only 2 addresses after the cal I think.
65535 would be a maximum value in computer terms, but I have no idea how it got there.

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