John Deere R series non genuine filters

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  1. Trying to find a supplier of filters as title says. Can you recommend anyone online? Normally use inline filters but don’t seem to have full set to suit unless I am going wrong somewhere! Thank you
  2. Kevtherev

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    Try nick young tractor parts
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  3. Mann filters have a good website.
  4. cb387

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    Got a quote from inline filters 2 weeks ago for full set of filters for a TM 140. Was surprised they were actually more than local NH dealer. Not JD admittedly, but nothing cheap at any main dealers these days
  5. traineefarmer

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    They can supply Donaldson and many other OEM spec filters. Speak to Alan - he is basically a human tractor/plant filter encyclopedia

    Good little firm with excellent service..
  6. john432

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    Can you find the filters you need on the Vapromatic or Kramp web site. Could order them for you.
  7. nick...

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    Agree 100%.great firm to deal with even with Alan’s jokes and humour
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  8. Tractortech

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    What's the problem with genuine filters??
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    Spend 100k on a tractor, try and save 50p on a filter:rolleyes:

    Always thought JD were reasonably priced for filters. Been a while though:unsure:
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  10. Price! The post is actually for a friend of mine who is running 3 r series and wants a less expensive option.
  11. john432

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    What is genuine? If you get say Stanadyne fuel filters, are they not genuine ? Or what ever company makes filters for John Deere?
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