July Parasite Forecast

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    The July Parasite Forecast is now available. The blowfly strike forecast has been updated on the Blowfly Alert and there is a new NADIS webinar to watch on our updated, mobile-friendly, webinar page. Please see below details for all the latest NADIS updates.


    Strike risk raised to high in several regions

    Hot humid weather creates ideal conditions for strike. Fortunately, the fly population is still relatively small because of the cool conditions in May, but it will now start to increase in size quickly. This means strike risk will rise through July, spreading from south to north and the chances of strike will now increase particularly quickly in lambs and any ewes remaining unsheared.


    New Webinars


    Feeding the Beef Cow for Bulling and Early Pregnancy

    This webinar discusses the key points about feeding suckler cows during the breeding period and early pregnancy

    Watch this webinar


    Tupping and early pregnancy nutrition

    This webinar discusses the principles of pre tupping and early pregnancy nutrition

    Watch this webinar
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