Just set up a website for the farm ... whats your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by JLTate, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Been about 3 years in the making, I've kept saying I would but never got round to it. Anyway, it went live this afternoon.

    The main criteria was I wanted it to be clear to read / understand. I haven't linked the FB page to it yet, just remembered about that now.

    If there's other bits that you would put in / suggestions / bits you would change please feel free to say. I'll be updating it / changing it when I think of bits.

    Cheers, Joe

  2. I must say, I actually really like it.
    Please do not get me wrong here, but for a homemade website it is reasonably good. Easy to find your around, not too complex to read and understand and reasonably colourful/attractive.
    If I may just make one suggestion, the information text which is green, i think it would be better to do it in black. Although it might seem a nice idea to do it in colour, it will be easier to read in black.
    Definitely a like though! :)
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  3. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Thanks for that, point taken - just read it back I agree. Black would be easier to read, it might also break the green up slightly.

    Appreciate it.
  4. If you wanted, i'll show my brother later and ask if he has any suggestions? (i hate to admit it but hes pretty good at that kind of thing:sorry:)
  5. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Big help! I'm a bench joiner so very much out of my depth really. I've done what I feel works so any other suggestions would be great.
  6. Jerry

    Jerry Member

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  7. Looks good!
  8. Im in the same boat, as much as i want to do tech stuff, tech stuff doesnt want to do me!!
  9. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    That looks really good Jerry.
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  10. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Its bloody irritating. I know what I want in my head and I'm pretty good with sketches etc but its hard getting across a computer
  11. Exactly the same here, I want to put a picture here and some text there, so why the heck does everything else turn upside down and move on to different pages when i try?!
    When i have considered websites in the past i have thought about paying someone to do it, but what do you recommend? Is the programme/software or whatever you want to call it easy to use??
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  12. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    the link to you beef price list doesn't work ? looked so good in the pictures I was looking to buy some !! have you considered adding ecomerce so a customer can order online ?
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  14. Shopify might be worth looking at.
    Also, if you want to go into the social media side of it, look at using something like hootsuite. could save you time and effort, but an important thing is DO NOT and i repeat, DO NOT go directing traffic to your website if it isnt up to scratch.
    Its basically like plastering signs up all over town saying "come and see our great store, open now!" and when people get there, you are half way through decorating the ceiling and you havent even unboxed the goods you are meant to be selling, let alone thought about payment.
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  15. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Thanks, took a bit of work and still a few things to tweak, a online shop is next step if things work out. Mind you I sell a lot through face book as well which certainly helps traffic.
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  16. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Bloody hell, its amazing what you forget to put on. I've got it all written out aswell ....

    Its something we want to set up eventually, just abit at a time really. If I'm honest I wouldn't know where to start.
  17. Dry Rot

    Dry Rot Member

    Excellent! I think that is really good. Direct, straight to the point, and says what people want to know.

    Just to be difficult (!), in para 2, line 2, of your history, you don't need both words, "manufacturing making". Just delete one of the words. Sorry, my brain picks up on silly details like that as I'm also a very small publisher and do my own editing.
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  18. JLTate

    JLTate Member

    Thank you, means a lot. I'll get that changed!
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  20. Hi, I like the site well done. What did you use to build it as there may be useful/easy to use e-commerce solutions which don't take too much managing?

    I've just built one for ours:


    Be interested in your thoughts on that one?
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