Keeping batteries good on little used tractors

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by powerfarmer, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Cork Ireland
    Hi folks,
    Got a couple of tractors here that are used very little, what's the best way to keep the batteries in good order ?
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    South Cheshire
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    As above or

    I have a garden tractor with one on, because it has a PCB it's always draining a little, smart chargers don't overcharge and cook a battery, and draw a little from the battery and then charge it again.

    A lot of new car outlets use them for cars in the showroom, people constantly opening and closing doors, playing with the windows and the sound system.
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  4. Mursal

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    Disconnect the battery while not in use.
    Clean the top of the battery especially between the terminals and cell tops.
    Store them on an insulated floor (timber) not cold concrete

    Consider the little LIDL / ALDI solar chargers for £20

    Changing from dynamo to alternator will also help a lot.
    But nothing beats using them regular and charging them well while in use (alternator instead of dynamo)
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  5. powerfarmer

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    Cork Ireland
    Thanks for the replies, I ll check out those battery conditioner chargers,
    I had thought of solar as well, having seen it used on boats in winter storage.
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  6. oakleaf

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    I have 2 here that do about 50 hrs/ yr and have a little solar trickle charger permanently attached. Works a treat. Both batteries over 10 y.o.
    Keep battery and terminals clean as already mentioned also.
  7. spark plug

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    One of the most important things IMO, it to use good quality batteries.

    I only buy Varta, Exide or bosh batteries and have very few probloems, even if not used for a month or two. But as said if something is only to be used a couple of times a year then a trickle charger / conditioner is the way to go.
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  8. CTEK battery charger. Make sure you choose the model to suit the intended application mind.

    I personally would start up and run tractors and other kit at least monthly if I could.
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  9. HDAV

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    Aldi Lidl do smart chargers for £14 but keep an eye on water levels, the solar ones look good and ideal if you don’t ha e mains where they are parked. Maplin did a good one but alas no more....
    Ctek are great and resurrected a 12v boat leisure battery that was showing 3v to holding reasonable charge (paid for the £60+ it cost right then) great on modern cars that are sensitive to battery voltage too. That was a model designed for start stop cars and one of the best hinges I found if you have caravan towing electrics you can chargethrough the towing socket (not on 7pin) with a £20 adapter
  10. I have had one for a fair while and to be fair they have improved the various models a lot. I have revived a stop-start car with one before as well. An excellent tool and ideal for infrequently used cars and machines as it won't sit trying to charge a battery at full pelt forever.
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  11. Zetor

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    Fitted a solar charger to a diesel generator 12 years ago I’ve never used the Genny since but i start it every couple of years and it always starts first time!
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  13. NasherXL

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    As mentioned,the best thing I find is buying the best quality battery you can. I use cat batteries for my combines and can always be safe in the knowledge I can go to them in winter after sitting since harvest and fire them up no bother.
  14. Zetor

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    I agree but with any battery good or poor quality the cells form crystals if the battery gets under 80-90% charge and over time these crystals short the cells out and the battery eventually fails.
    The best way to prolong the life of any lead acid battery is to keep it over 90% charge, for me is a solar charger as they are fit and forget.

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