Kramer telehandler


Customer interested in purchasing a used or possibly ex demo Kramer. Something like a 750?

Not familiar with Kramer model numbers but needs to be about same size as a Matbro TR250 or slightly smaller, Central boom etc

if anyone has such a thing for sale or knows of one for sale please let me know.

Equally any models to avoid as I will be servicing it! Open minded to other machines too but central cab and boom machines will be more suitable.




I found that one already. Hard to judge its size having not seen one before? Looks like it would do but ideally want less hours as knowing the dana spicer axles quite well it'll be due track rods and king pins shortly followed by ujs etc etc i was hoping not to buy myself more work!
It's barely run in at those hours.

680t is 2.5 ton lift, but only to about 5 meters.

They're only about 6 foot wide, but fairly tall, around 10 feet tall I think.

Little bit gutless on the road, but romp along at 40k on the flat ok.

AF Salers

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York, UK
Ripon Farm Services have just bought Kev Walker out and are now selling Kramers, they have also taken on Kev's staff.


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I wouldnt go for a 750. An 80 series machine would be a better choice, much better spec all round.

Whats your customers budget? I know where there is a nice 580t but I quite fancy it myself.
I spoke to Kevin at the weekend.

RFS are taking on Kramer.

Kevin is still going to have his graveyard of 12 series machines for parts and keep older spares.

He's going to deal in used machines and have a bit more of a hire fleet.

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