Krone kr125 round baler


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I ran one for years if pushed on can bale 35 a hour on string,bale on foot peddle low revs when starting a bale as you see it pulling the crop in accelerate up to pto revs.if it jams up dump the bale open the back door and push the lump back out ,a lot easier than one jammed with a rotar
Thank you those tips,they will save me a lot of time and stress later in year,sounds like you got on with yours pretty well.cheers


Verdict after using the baler for a season is, its fantastic for hay.good size bales not to tight ,no dust or fusty ness. Silage wise ,the silage is very well made, no mould what so ever.But the bales are small for wrapping and no heavier than 500kg.I have small ish tractors so maybe a bit less wear on everything. Massively cheaper doing whole lot yourself,all my stuff is old small and knackered ish but plod on, it got done,without big contractor bills after,The extra wrap ,fuel parts (so far) is mounted up to far less than contractor bill. The big but is, that it is all down to yourself to get it all done,Problems and all.Have managed to get basic repair wearing parts,reasonably easy to do yourself.(new username/old grasslands1 does not seem to work)


A lot were sold in powys ,new.Must be one somewhere for you.I see at least on a year come up for sale this side of the river.

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