Kuhn Cultimer/Lemken Karat,etc type of stubble cultivators

Looking for a shallow cultivator to mix in crop residue and these look like they do the business.


Reading the brochure, if the narrow points are used and wings removed they can work to 35 cm (14 inches), do people use them to this depth, and what job do they make?


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The more expensive ones have 10 tines- Horsch, Kuhn etc and the cheaper ones have 7, but is there a big Hp requirement difference in them and do they leave a better finish?
The more tines you have the more even the finish. With more tines you can work less deep so as not to bring up wet lumps from deep down. With fewer tines you tend to need to work deeper to move all the ground. The STS roller will continue to work in damp/wetter conditions as there are no scrapers to bung up. Over worked scrapers on a normal type packer ups the hp requirement.


I've got a Horsch terrano which is very similar and it does a great job working at 3" deep with wings and 12" deep without wings on
Had a new approach with ours this year. Dropped it in deep (9" with wings)one pass then one pass with cousins type 28 and drill.
We found last year second deeper pass would only bring up lumps.

Got 185hp on front 0.7 gallon acre.

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Seems to do the job


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I think I might have mis read your OP..

You're looking for a depth cultivator or a bit of both .... not a shallow one ..?

KV clc are popular down here for depth work ..

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We have a 7 leg Shakerator which we use at 10-12 inches, could one of these machines replace it?
Can you Keep it . Put more legs in it , and put the Concorde wide points on ,
we made a bean drill out of a jumbo superflow frame has 11 legs in 3.5 m and razor ring packer . Drills beans but gets used more as a cultivator , and pull either coil or ring press behind , one of most versatile yokes . Can run shallow or drop it in ,
Depends what you want to achieve


The more expensive ones have 10 tines- Horsch, Kuhn etc and the cheaper ones have 7, but is there a big Hp requirement difference in them and do they leave a better finish?

Kuhn also do a smaller 2 row 7 leg version called the Cultimer 300 'M' which has been design to be price conscious and also suit the shorter 4 cyl. 80+ hp tractor range. Its available in traction bolt on non-stop versions, and to compensate for the fewer wider spaced legs, wider 480mm wings can be added.
CULTIMER M 300 1 @300.jpgCULTIMER M 300 2  .jpgCULTIMER M 300 wing tine @300.jpg

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