KW Feedcast Episode 17 - 05 October 2021

The latest episode of Feedcast continues to highlight the logistics and availability woes that we have seen of late. Chris Davidson and James Barker are on hand to discuss how you get what you need when you need it and the challenge of doing so!

The key topic this episode is Rapemeal and the lack of it. At the end of last week prices were withdrawn from all major crushers in the UK until the end of January at the earliest. As a result prices have sky rocketed and heading towards the highs seen earlier this year. This is a result of seed logistics and gas prices, affecting the whole of Northern Europe.

Mid-protein prices as a result of the lack of Rapemeal have all risen aggressively with imported wheat distillers reflecting the Rape price. This has meant Ensus Distillers are also now under pressure.

All these market pressures have resulted in a push to add soya to diets. The latest USDA report has given soya a boost with an unexpected increase in yield and quality leading to a drop in market price. While the price is now rising again, soya is trading at where it was 12 months ago in US $ terms and is looking very advantageous right now.

In cereals we have seen wheat futures rise nearly every trading session in the last two weeks with only brief pauses. The latest USDA report has shown a lower yield and stocks are at the bottom end of what was expected. This means European and UK wheat are very competitively priced.

In summary there is little good news, look at soya and Ensus distillers right now and forward book as soon as you can to ensure you are covered for what looks to be a very tough winter from an availability and logistical point of view.


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