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i have been asking the same question all these people banging on about a peoples vote not one of them questioned (failed to be asked) just what do they expect to be on the ballot paper,one hard line liberal did say Mays deal or remain were the ONLY options available probably because everyone hated Mays deal,they would Never be able to agree what to put on the ballot paper

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Same as before in or out,
Now another thought occured to me today,we have been told many times by remainers that leavers didnt know what we were voting for,so explain what happened last night ?

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What about 3 questions:Remain and attempt to reform from within, Remain as we are and accept ever closer union or Leave without a withdrawal agreement.


It makes me laugh when people say stay and reform the EU, it's only moving in one direction and that's to the US of E, if it went back to the common market then I think most would vote for that but all but the most ardent supporters of the EU acknowledge the direction of travel


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If they have another vote, it will have to be in or out, but better still, as I have said before 2 completely separate questions in/out, deal/no deal.
Tom watson is arguing strongly for just, in out vote. I rather think JC is thinking deal/no deal.
Having a 3 way question would be a disaster for all , leaving no one happy at any result.


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If there has to be another vote (and I disagree that there should until the result of the last one is implemented). then it has to be a two stage vote to be fair.

First stage is Leave / Remain (essentially a complete rerun of the last vote)

Second stage is either
If Leave wins the first stage then the second question is Deal or No Deal
If Remain wins the first stage then the second question is Return to Common Market or Full integration (adopt euro, support EU army, abolish Westminster and rely on Brussels and regional assemblies)

In both the second stages, there is one scenario that is beyond the ability of the UK to implement. The UK cannot bring about a deal as we would just have to take what was on offer and lets be honest the UK will never be given a good deal out of spite by the EU. Likewise the EU will never let us return to the common market. So in that sense it is fair all round.

Revoking Article 50 without a public vote to permit it is not an option. Simply because the UK can never invoke it again on the same unilateral terms.

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Assembly Labour Leader Mark Drakeford back peddling over this also.
JC says they will honour referendum results then do this ?
Right Shower ???:scratchhead:
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May's deal is fukt, and rightly so, it didn't give anyone what they wanted.
And rightly so , the woman was offered a deal most could live with .... and then she went pear shaped .

I honestly think we'll get no deal by default , then I believe wheels will be set in motion . it's in everyone's interest . the Irish border has been a red herring and a stick to beat us with .


Elections will never prove a winner ever again if people deny that the brexit party and leave won this election. We will have to write an essay on our voting papers making it crystal clear what we want so un-democratic people cannot twist the result. Are they trying to stir up civil unrest by denying the democratic rules we have lived by up until the referendum.

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