Lakes/Ponds East Anglia for rent/lease

What I am looking for
I am currently looking for lakes/ponds which are ideally about 6ft deep for the production of carp.

The water would need to be over 1 acre ideally however if you have several lakes or ponds this could work.

This would be on a 2 year cycle growing the fish on to then sell in to the fishing trade for restocking in to commercial Fisheries or specimens waters.

The fish would be cropped each year and I am happy to maintain the water in which they are being produced.

I also understand that we would need to reach an formal agreement which I am happy to pay to be done professionally.

My Background

After studying at college I was hopeful for a career in the forces. The option for a career in the forces was ruled out due to reconstructive surgery.It was whilst studying I managed to get a job in retail.

This lead to a few years working as a retail manager before going to university in 2015.

I managed to enroll on a Foundation degree in Fisheries Management and sustainable aquaculture at Easton and Otley college.

The degree came under the umbrella of the university of East Anglia as an association college.

This degree enabled me to gain a 2.2 at an academic level but also gain practice within the industry.

Skill Set
*Working on recirculating systems to produce fish
*Netting experience
*Practicle Management of Fisheries
*Science behind running a successful fishery

I Understand that this would be an opportunity for a farmer to put to use any spare water which is currently unused.

I would also pay for the formal agreement to written up. With regards to payment we could go two ways.

Option 1) fees per month of around £100 over two years

Option 2) Profit share each year an agreed % of fish sales after costs.

Looking for Ponds and Lakes in which I can produce Carp for the industry.

Happy to pay for all an official agreement to be written up.

Also happy to maintain the water and pay all costs involved.

Anywhere in East Anglia considered however ideally within 20 miles of the IP30 area.


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