Lamb price falling like a stone.

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  1. I dont know. Are there any lamb buyers on here?
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  2. muleman

    muleman Member

    i think they all should feel fat/firm on their backs,think the abbatoirs just say they want the opposite as a way of downgrading a bit?!
  3. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    Deadweight buyers are unfortunately making the most of the auction's plain lambs affected averages, to pull down dw price for the good lambs as well.
    It can be the downside of deadweight selling.
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  4. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    big thing is. with. not really having a carrot payment system that pays. a true open price for. lambs the. good lambs will be. helping to cover the loses for poor lambs
    if the pricing was. a true this is the spec we want and we pay for that any thing out of spec will be huge discounts
    same thing happens in NZ meat co's buying lambs. at X per kg then having to dump in to poor markets to get rid of it leading to. a loss of returns on better. products on flowing to lower prices payed
    well filled out lambs. will yield better. higher fat covers don't tho there is fleshed. and fat
    other big thing is lambs over sized for end user what we think is right the end user may have other views
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Happy enough with my private box sales. They net me £110 a head after kill cut costs and running around. Half lambs you can add another £10 a head to that.

    My season average is well over £120 a head at moment. And I’ve orders for the next 3 months.

    I hope most of the remaining lambs go private kill but if they don’t my heavies tend to do ok live and I regularly top the market in Exeter.
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  6. GreenerGrass

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    Do you mind me asking your box prices and weights @Jerry? Do it myself but I figure they are netting me around £100/head, not sure if I'm overpaying for the kill cut or underselling. Mine are vac packed. Good luck with them :)
  7. digger64

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    Ie an TE="muleman, post: 5282004, member: 43364"]yes but they all go the same way so why the difference, fat in the auction, lean for deadweight?[/QUOTE]
    Iean grass lambs ko say 45 % well covered fed lambs near 5o % remember market weight not on farm , same live weight 200p × 40 kg = £80 or 400p dw
    190p x 40 kg = £76 or 422p dw therefore more potential margin for the buyer selling in on a flat rate price
    if it's delivered to the abbatoir the waste isn't paid for so it doesn't matter how they kill out within reason
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    LAMBCHOPS Member

    how many lambs do you sell a year that way?
  9. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Whole lamb is £140, half £75. Ive managed to trim the kill and cut price back this year with the abbatoir to £25.

    It's local so does not take much time to run to pick up or drop of.

    Most sales are within a couple miles of home that I do in one afternoon/evening direct from the abbatoir.

    So no storage, no infrastructure need to handle lamb and no package costs.
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  10. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    This year will be about 100 lambs, up from about 40 last year.

    I sell more live earlier in the season when prices are higher at market and then switch over to box sales for the tail enders.

    Exception to that is regular orders with restaurants, I try and keep them going as son as I have lamb ready. I may loose out a little early on to live sales but they will carry on buying well after the price drips and I get other sales of the back of them with my name on the menu.
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  11. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Unless we get rain soon, there won't be many stubble turnips grown to fatten store lambs. We winter 800 plus Welsh sheep, which unless I can get a decent crop of turnips, will have to stay at home, putting pressure on their grazing, probably meaning more of their lambs killed at lighter weights.
    Hopefully this will change with rain, but time is of the essence.
  12. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    I'm hoping to put in about 30 acres of turnips.

    Still plenty of time as last year they did not go in till Aug after wheat but fed well.
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  13. bosses son

    bosses son Member

    Surely the auctioneers should have a responsibility to get these unfinished lambs through a store sale instead of pulling down their sale average. Selling this stuff in the fat ring will ruin the live markets. Of course farmers shouldn't be puting them there in the first place.
  14. Northeastfarmer

    Why is it the auctioneers responsibility? If farmers don’t know how to market their stock then they shouldn’t be doing it....if you can’t tell the difference between a finished animal and a store animal then time to try something else
  15. digger64

    digger64 Member

    The auctioneers dont have much choice but the sellers do , but you have to remember some the fat buyers will
    buy out of the stores too
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  16. bosses son

    bosses son Member

    Because an auctioneer should be responsible for making their sale as good as possible so that the stock is properly marketed. I know a fat sale where they pick out unfinished lambs and sell them at the begining of the sale, farmers often buy there for further finishing. Unfortunately i think they still count them in the average which is wrong.
  17. neilo

    neilo Member

    Whilst I would agree that farmers really should be able to select stock themselves, auctioneers charge VERY handsomely to work on our behalf to sell our stock. I would suggest that they should occasionally have to do a little work for their 4%+, for those vendors are clearly needing that help.
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  18. Northeastfarmer

    I had this out with our auctioneer once, when I saw a lot of underfinished cattle in the sale....he said he’d tried to tell them but they won’t listen
    Farmers that won’t listen....who’d of thought it....
  19. Northeastfarmer

    See my answer above
  20. farmerm

    farmerm Member

    I'm not so I'll split the differnce and be expecting £81

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