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Lambing/Calving/CCTV Cameras??


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With the lambing season fast approaching I’m look at installing some cameras in the lambing shed. Anyone have any recommendations? There seems to be plenty to choose from. Ideally Wireless run off a 4G sim. Best clarity/night vision, 360 degrees viewing and also zoom from phone tablet app would be great. Thanks in advance


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Not sure about Wi-fi cameras my neighbour spent thousands on his set up and it gitters and he gets problems, I have a hard wired ptz 20 zoom camera and a dvr recorder that controls the camera also linked to my phone cost me less the £300, if you can run cat5 cable from house to shed, mine is berried down the side of the garden in 6 inch track I know it’s there then 20 feet or so at 2 feet deep across to the shed works spot on every time

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Three crop rule derogation for 2020

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Written by Jamie Day

Defra secretary George Eustice’s decision to relax the three-crop rule arable diversification requirement in England for 2020 has been welcomed by farm leaders, despite the minister’s earlier reluctance to take this action. Scotland and the Republic of Ireland had already granted the concession in view of the wet autumn that prevented many farmers from fulfilling […]...