Lambing Ewe Lambs

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  1. Old Shep

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    Charmoise - very vigorous when born and straight to the teat - ideal for first timers.
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  2. MJT

    MJT Member

    Beltex every time , easy lambing very vigorous and cracking quality lambs to sell.
  3. chris elk

    chris elk Member

    Roussin here , very easy lambing , get up and go like nothing else . Very happy with them.
  4. CornishLleyn

    CornishLleyn Member

    Have used Portlands for years, they bring on really good lambs without lambing issues.
  5. Charmoise here, but trying Southdown also this year.
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  6. liammogs

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    +1, a lot of call these days for beltex lambs, fat or store!!
  7. Yantantethera

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    Scottish Borders
    NZ Texel does a good job for us over our Easycare ewe lambs. Good tapered body shape and really vigorous lambs that grow out well.
  8. huwralph

    huwralph Member

    Second that, small lambs, hardy enough for the ewe lambs to the hang of, and the tups are easy to come by. here anyway.
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  9. huwralph

    huwralph Member

    You got any beltex tups for sale?
  10. fixersteve26

    fixersteve26 Member

    Used a highlander ram on highlander ewe lambs this year. Scanned at 140%, they're rearing twins no trouble at all. 70 have lambed so far and we've touched 4 of them - lambing outdoors. Trick with ewe lambs we've found is keep the singles really tight in the 6 weeks up to lambing - twins and triplets (yes we had 5 ewe lambs scanned with trips) get the best. We've had a couple of large singles but on the whole they've been good but they are grazing bare earth almost!
  11. image.jpg

    Texel Mule hogg with pair of 3 week old Shetland x lambs at foot.

    Sorry not great photo.

  12. Charmoise here, home grown tups, culled hard and selected for functionality and the ability to grow and thrive off grass (none of this dispersal sale rubbish with a short use by date ;) )

    Hit the ground running, grow off crap grass and kill from mid summer, can't really go wrong

    Welsh mule ewe lambs with Charmoise sired lambs just after shearing, end of June


    Shetland ewe lamb (yes they can breed as ewe lambs) with charmoise lamb, end of June last year


    Crossbred ewe lambs with charmoise ewe lambs, July last year


    The product


  13. And.... just realised I posted from the wrong account.... :facepalm:
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  14. MRT

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    Oooooooooof. Going in hard - take no prisoners!
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  15. MJT

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    Yes will have . PM me mate
  16. JHT

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    How do the Charmoise and the Roussin compare for lambing ease/growth rates @GTB ? Have been using Charmoise Rams on Welsh and Lleyn x Welsh yearlings for 3 years- all outdoor lambing with great results- very easy lambing and great will to live. Was a bit disappointed with the growth rates though- so tried some Berrichon and Beltex Rams as well this year- pulling/loosing a lot of these lambs and wishing I'd stuck with the Charmoise now!
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  17. Guiggs

    Guiggs Member

    Charollais or lleyn on ewe lambs here!
  18. Used charmoise last year. Very easy born & bounced straight up to milk. Lambs were small & never really caught up, mine didn't grow particularly well, but he was a cheap last minute purchase so possibly not a fine example.

    I don't favour heavy birth weights IF they impare birth ease. But equally, I think there is a balance of ease of lambing/low birth weight & never quite catching up. Used a lleyn this year. Lambs are recorded birth & are noticeably heavier than charmoise, just as easy & same will to live.

    I think it's important for people to look at end product too. Yes, a small live lamb is better than a big dead one, but growth rates & killing out % have to always be in back of mind.

    If I was staying lleyn, then I'd be using charollais on ewe lamb this year.
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  19. Lambing a lot of hoggs to the charmoise here, mules, exlana, suftex x, aberfield x, Suffolk mules, easy cares, suffolkxlleyn and probably a few more.

    Good lambs and no hassle. Abattoir likes them.
  20. JHT

    JHT Member

    It's a tough one isn't it- I've had my fair share of big lambs this time with it being such a grassy time and an open winter. Also running smaller/hardier ewes than most so try to buy the best Rams I can which sometimes comes at price. How are the hoggs from Wales lambing @CopperBeech ??

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