Lambing Season and problem foxes


As we are in lambing season and if anyone has any issues with lamp shy problem foxes taking lambs, then I would be happy to look to control them. I operate in the Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire areas. I have a moderated .223, Thermal Spotter and Digital Night Vision and an Electronic fox caller. I have third party liability insurance through my BASC membership.

There is no cost for this service and I would be happy to drive out to meet with you before any shooting takes place.

Please PM me if there is any interest.

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Shropshire farmers plant 4,000 trees in anticipation of ELMS changes

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Written by Billy Wickham

Farmers in Shropshire have planted nearly 4,000 native trees after Severn Trent gave out tree-packs at two local events, to test engagement and appetite for tree planting on marginal land.

Dr. Alex Cooke, Severn Trent senior catchment scientist, explained that due to such a high level of take-up from farmers, the water company is now looking into rolling out the scheme...