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  1. Tracy12

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    Hello Can any one advise me please , I have just lost my father and he has some land about 5 acres of land and would like to sell the /rent the field for someone else to have the hay / haylage from it , how do I price it please ? any advise welcome
    or rent it for horses what the rate to charge per horse ?
  2. Depends on location and land quality really.... good loam root land next to a nice farm neXT door who wants it and it' good money
    .. 5 acres of grass on a hill in a sheep area that's not had fertilizer or lime and it's 10 quid and acre year rent and hard as he'l to sell .... location location location and do the neighbours want it.
  3. Tracy12

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    it is on a bit of a bank but dad always kept it for haylage , got about 25 bales from it . so wondering I someone wanted it for hay how do I price it ?
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  4. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Supply and demand ?
    Last summer as shortage and drought worth a bit maybe.
    Horse people and small bales if made good worth £5 each but cutting,turning ,weather,raking,baling,shifting,storing,selling all cost too.
    Someone may give around £50 acre if good grass weed free maybe.
    So many variables ?
    Wize guys out there go steady ?
    Ask local Autioneers too maybe.
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  5. Hi @Tracy12 If you tap on the search button at the top and then type in 'horse paddock rent ' in the Google search it brings up some previous discussions on your topic which may be of interest. I would link them but struggled due to my lack of skill! Good luck.
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  6. Well, if it were round me and on a 364 day rent, I’d give you between zero and £200 for it, total. Probably somewhere in the middle. So many variables and difficult to value them.

    If you want to maximise income and don’t mind doing some work, then put on £300 of fertiliser and spend maybe £10 a round bale getting it cut, tedded, rowed up and bales for hay. If you have a good year you could then sell them for £20 each off field, or keep them until winter in a shed and maybe get £15, or £50, depending on the season we have.

    Sad fact is, economically, the field will never return an income commensurate with its sale value. Unless you have strong emotional reasons for holding onto it, or want to try a bit of farming, you would do best to engage a rural auctioneer/ estate agent to sell it for you. 5acres is a nice size for a horse owner, and they will pay way more than Agri value to have their own paddock.
  7. D14

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    Selling it might be the best option. 5 acres in the right location could be worth £100,000 easily. More if its got water and electricity as people will buy it to put planning in for a dwelling.
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  8. MF35

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    Guidance please. On a similar note, have around 2 acres of field which is landlocked and no direct access with about a third subject to flood risk. How might I get a value for this land for admin purposes?
  9. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    How long is piece of string and if any neighbours fancy it otherwise "over a barrel ",maybe???
  10. Difficult to value, if there is no legal right of way to it then it’s only your neighbours who will want it and are likely to know your predicament.
    When your speaking to local auctioneer abt the 5 acres ask abt this too. They may able to negotiate a right of way for you - they will know who is who with all thier local knowledge.

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