Landrover s3 value??

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by markpentre, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. markpentre

    markpentre Member

    Been a slow 5 years approx but finally finished now wondering the value of it.
    64000 miles
    we are 3rd owner ( i think)
    2.25 petrol 5 bearing crank.
    fairly overdrive
    freewheeling hubs
    12 months MOT 20180819_155417.jpg 20180819_155404.jpg 20180819_155429.jpg 20180819_155506.jpg 20180819_155451.jpg
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  3. Bob lincs

    Bob lincs Member

    On the flat bit
  4. Very nice, it's got all the right bits too, FWH, overdrive and split tailgate.
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  5. timff

    timff Member

    Reckon little more than £10k. Splitting hairs but I'd say £12k. I follow the values as I have a Series 1 which was £3k ten years ago & now £15k judging by the sales!
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  6. Very nice...i would say 10k plus for a quick sale maybe 12k
    but with good marketing and some patience i rekon she would make 15k
  7. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Not going to even try ...........
    I would think priceless, to you?
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  8. markpentre

    markpentre Member

    Theres a few little bits left to do to get it spot on then its up for sale. I have a ford capri 2.8 and my old man is now doing up a mgb gt so neither of us will use the landrover. But if we dont get a decent price it will just be put into storage.
  9. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Jeep is a credit to you ...........
    Capri would be nice, Granada coupe if you could get one ................ (y)
    Only for the Sweeney on ITV4
  10. Very nice, and almost identical to mine!

    If you go on the Series Land Rover group on FB and ask you’ll get a few responses from the sublime to the ridiculous, but in amongst them you’ll get some sensible values.

    Series 3’s don’t seem to command quite the same values as 1’s and 2’s. Is it tax exempt yet? (Can’t recall the UK rules now) If not that’ll bring the price down. Any non original bits, seats etc, will upset the purists. But it’s got all the goodies like fwh and od and a good original engine.

    Personally I’d say £10k is optimistic in the UK. £6k, possibly £7k. Ship it to America though and name your price. Those guys are nuts!!

    At the end of the day it’s worth what ever someone’s willing to pay!
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  11. Snoopy

    Snoopy Member

    You have done a good job on it. With Series prices going up quick I think £10-15K is a fair price. Just depends on your marketing skills.
  12. Cooper3075

    Cooper3075 Member

    North Derbyshire
    Well in to series land rovers here Iv 3 and a 110 but I see them at theses high prices but do they really sell for that? And if they do have to be very good condishion and well done there is some painted up wrecks about.
    Yours dose look nice though
  13. Laminated

    Laminated Member

    £10,000 all day long... keep it
  14. msheep66

    msheep66 Member

    Mid Wales
    The value is only going to go one way and that is up.
  15. markpentre

    markpentre Member

    I think its a shame to keep it and have it sitting in a barn again. My old man doesnt want to use it just look at it and polish it. I dont have enough time to use my 2.8 capri as it is and have now just a acquired a MGB GT to do up.
    I think we will advertise in the next few months and see what interest we get.
    One job left to do is spray the new rear floor inside. Mat black or pastel green. its a new chequer plate alloy floor
  16. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Just build a wee lean two, if he's happy polishing it, where's the harm, better than money in the bank.

    We could be related, hording cars ..........
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